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          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB

Nazeing New Road Bridge

Nazeing New Road bridge is being replaced and will be closed to all traffic and pedestrians from 6th June until the end of November 2022.  Access to Coopers and Green Lanes from Broxbourne direction during this period will not be possible.

Congratulations to Jo Smith for winning her first Abbey Cross match with the help of an impressive 4lb 13 oz chub.

River Ivel​

Please note that night fishing is not permitted on any stretches of the River Ivel. 


The club will be stocking both lakes at Taylors with tench in the 3-4lb range later in the year.  A further stocking of F1s will take place on the top lake at Taylors in/around October 21.  

Change of address:

Please note that any change of address must be sent to Les Jones by letter.  Email and text messages will not be accepted.


For the benefit of new members (and old):  

Green Lane is a LVRP water, therefore the use of any nut baits is banned.

Baitboats are not permitted on any ACAS water.

Finally, if you leave your swim, your rods must be out of the water. Members found off of their rods will be banned.

Kings Weir 

Entrance to Kings Weir fishery has now changed from key to key card.  Members with keys will be required to exchange them for a key card at the house.  The car park currently remains accessible without a key card. 

Box End Farm

When fishing at Box End the wooden five bar gate you have to go through to approach the river has a combination padlock.  The code is 1886.  Please drive on the long grass and try to avoid the running track.

Important Reminder


Members are reminded that guests tickets should be filled in before the start of your session.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic 3 month ban for the ACAS member from all ACAS fisheries. 


Members are also reminded to carry their club card and photo ID with them on club waters. 

Message from Bob Fox of the ACAS Committee


Dear Member

I’m sure most of you know because of the COVID-19 pandemic that our AGM had to be cancelled this year and all meetings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. In line with government guidelines our lakes had been closed for fishing until further notice. At this stage we are happy for members to walk the waters for their daily exercise but please stick to the social distancing guidelines.


This year, our chairman Andy Ingram decided to stand down however we were unable to vote on the election of officers for the coming year as normal.  As the vice chairman, I have stood up and taken over the chairman’s position with Charlie Christian taking the vice chair role. I would like to thank Andy for everything he has done for the last two years and hope to see him involved in the ACAS in the future.

This year, we have a new committee members and I would like to welcome Gary Davis who currently helps with the Carpark Lake at Nazeing. All other officers have agreed to stand as per last year.


While there have been a number of small maintenance jobs carried out on our fisheries so far in 2020, there will be no official working parties until further notice. There will also be no club meetings, social events or official ACAS matches until further notice. Hopefully we will be able to reinstate these as soon as it is safe to do so.


Although angling is has now been allowed by the government during lockdown, the Committee have decided to not re-open Green Lane or Coopers until June 1st (subject to spawning). This is taking into account the welfare of the very valuable fish stocks and the Safety of the ACAS membership. We ask for your patience and understanding at this time. Taylors Lake and Hunters Hall will now be open to angling again from Wednesday 13th. We believe the Turnford Consortium and Fishers Green Consortium lakes are opening on Wednesday the 13th.


There will be some restrictions and new temporary rules put in place and these will be circulated and posted on the gates of the various fisheries. Also, please remember fish spawning times could be a deciding factor on the re-opening dates at both Green Lane and Coopers. 


Tight Lines


Bob Fox

Kings Weir

Please note that Abbey Cross members are permitted on the members stretch of the Kings Weir fishery until 10pm.  For fishing times on the weir pool please enquire when booking. ​​



River Rib - Electric Barrier

Rib Valley has recently installed a new electric barrier on the access track to the fishing lakes which will affect access to the River Rib.

The barrier at the top of the track will be open every morning from 6am-8am to allow access. After 8am the barrier will close and anglers will need to obtain the code from the on-site tackle shop.  You will be required to show you ACAS membership card.  The code will be changed frequently.

Monday to Saturday this will be until 6pm and on Sundays until 4pm in line with the tackle shop's opening hours.  Outside of these hours vehicular access will not be available.

Unattended Rods

Recently the Committee took the decision to ban a member for 3 months for leaving rods unattended at Nazeing.

The Committee does not take disciplinary decisions lightly but fish safety has to be a top priority. 

If you need to leave your swim for any reason, please make sure you bring your rods in.

This map shows car parks, combination gate and post codes for sat navs for the Fishers Green consortium.  Please note, you MUST have a valid permit to fish the Fishers Green consortium waters.  Tickets can be collected at monthly club meetings.  Your Abbey Cross ticket will not be accepted on the consortium waters. 


Turnford Consortium

We have been asked Turnford Consortium to remind members that the gates to the venue must be closed behind you on entry and exit.  Any member caught leaving the gates open will have their ticket removed and will be banned from the water.

Congratulations to the ACAS team for winning the IPA Teams of Six competition yesterday, which was the 2nd year running. The match was held on the stretches of the River Ivel in and around Sandy. The team consisted of – Alan Fox, Alan Sims, Bob Walmsley, Paul Helbig, Stuart Curtis and Martin Adams. Stuart Curtis was also 2nd overall with a weight of 10lb 10ozs.












Angling Direct Reward Card

ACAS members now benefit from enhanced reward points with the Angling Direct reward card.   For more detail please see

Coopers Lake - Catfish

Members are reminded that all catfish caught on Coopers Lake should be placed in the holding pens provided.  Catfish will be removed by the EA.

Rib Valley Teams of Six

Congratulations to the ACAS team on winning the Rib Valley Charity Teams of Six competition. The team consisted of Alan Sims, Alan Fox, Pat Rawlings, Kenny Farrell, Peter Green & Martin Adams. In Kenny Farrell we also had the top individual on the day.  The match was contested by seven teams and was fished at the Rib Valley fishery. This is the first time ACAS has won this annual competition, which is run in aid of Isabel Hospice.

















Swim Reserving - Guidance

Swim reserving is not permitted on ACAS waters.  However, if you need to leave the fishery during a session, 90 minutes is the maximum accepted time to leave your swim without removing your gear.  

IPA Teams of Six

Congratulations to the ACAS team on winning the IPA Teams of Six competition on Sunday 20th November. The team consisted of Geoff Smith, Alan Sims, Bob Fox, Peter Jordan, Stuart Curtis and Martin Adams. (Unfortunately Alan had to leave before the results were announced so didn’t get in the photo). The match was held on the stretches of the River Ivel around Sandy and this is the first time the club has won this competition that has been running for more than 10 years.










Due to newly introduced legislation, fisheries on floodplains or which have an inlet/outlet in to a natural water course are no longer permitted to stock/hold catfish.  As a result, the club is required to remove the catfish in Coopers Lake.  Fishery Management will net off a holding area and members are kindly requested to place any catfish caught in to the holding pen to be removed/re-homed by the EA. 





Members are reminded that guests tickets should be filled in before the start of your session.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic 3 month ban for the ACAS member from all ACAS fisheries. 


Members are also reminded to carry their club card and photo ID with them on club waters.