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          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB

Arthur Tully Trophy

Hunter's Hall 19th May 2024


This year’s Arthur Tully Trophy was fished at the clubs Hunter’s Hall lake, the weather was quite warm, but with an awkward north westerly breeze. For most the fishing was quite challenging, although a number of decent bream were caught, tench and silver fish were hard to come by. Jo Smith had top weight with 9 bream for 28lbs 10ozs, I was 2nd with 19lbs 8ozs and Bob Fox was 3rd with 12lbs 15ozs.


J.Smith 28-10-0

M.Adams 19-8-0

B.Fox 12-15-0

T.Smith 12-6-0

D.Marder 12-6-0

D.Sellick 11-8-0

A.Fox 11-7-0

J.Pearson 10-13-0

P.Green 8-10-0

A.Sims 2-3-0

W.Ramthor 1-9-0

B.Cornell DNW

J.Carter DNW

Carrington Cup

Nazeing Car Park Lake 5th May 2024

The Carrington Cup was fished on the Car Park lake at Nazeing. Conditions were pretty good with just a gentle breeze on the lake. However, it was a very slow start for most of those taking part and it wasn’t until the afternoon that  a few good quality fish started to be caught, especially from the noted pegs.  I had top weight on the day with 63lbs 12ozs, Tony Parker was 2nd with 38lbs 7ozs and Peter Green was 3rd with 37lbs 3ozs.

M.Adams 63-12-0

T.Parker 38-7-0

P.Green 37-3-0

B.Walmsley 22-3-0

K.Shaw 22-2-0

T.Smith 20-10-0

A.Levine 11-3-0


J.Pearson DNW

J.Carter DNW

J.Venis DNW


Beggar's Hall 1st May 2024


Our latest inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished at Beggars Hall. This is one of Bishop’s Stortford’s club lakes and has a stock of good sized carp. In the match the carp fed quite well with decent weights coming from the better pegs. However, for those not catching carp it was a difficult day. Team wise it was a win for Bishop’s Stortford who had 75 points to our 60. Individually, Peter Green was 1st with an excellent weight of 135lbs 1ozs, Fred Hunt was 2nd with 55lbs 14ozs and Rob Calderon was 3rd with 40lbs 14ozs.

M.Adams 37-5-0

A.Fox 15-4-0

P.Green 135-1-0

J.Carter 34-6-0

J.Pearson 16-10-0

B.Cornell 0-3-0

T.Parker 26-2-0

A.Sims DNW

ACAS Totals

Weight 264-15-0

Points 60

P.Whitmill 33-13-0

S.Foster 33-1-0

F.Hunt 55-14-0

B.Beeston 33-6-0

T.Moranda 23-13-0

R.Calderon 40-14-0

J.Todd 24-5-0

R.Gibson 5-10-0

T.Cruci 7-3-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 257-2-0

Points 75

Proudlove Cup

Hunter's Hall 21st April 2024

The latest club competition was fished at our Hunter’s Hall Lake. Unfortunately, a couple of very cold nights leading up to the match and a strong northerly breeze on the day had a big impact on how the lake fished. While the majority of us  struggled to catch in the difficult conditions, there were still some good individual weights of bream and tench. Bob Walmsley had an excellent weight of 59lbs 14ozs for 1st place, Dave Selllck , was 2nd with 29lbs 13ozs and Stuart Curtis was 3rd with 18lbs 3ozs.

B.Walmsley 59-14-0

D.Sellick 29-13-0

S.Curtis 18-3-0

M.Adams 16-13-0

B.Fox 6-10-0

J.Smith 5-3-0

J.Pearson 3-6-0

B.Cornell 2-4-0

A.Sims 2-4-0

A.Fox 1-3-0

T.Lincoln 1-2-0

W.Ramthor 0-11-0

P.Green DNW

P.Sales DNW

T.Smith DNW

Burrough's Cup

Taylor's Car Park Lake 7th April 2024

The Car Park Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for the Burrough’s Cup, our first competition of the new season. After many months in the doldrums the recent restocking made all the difference to how the lake fished. Despite the very strong winds there were some excellent weights of mostly bream, plus a few tench. Top on the day was Dave Sellick with a superb catch of 96lbs 6ozs, Alan Fox was 2nd with 37lbs 2ozs and Darren Marder was 3rd with 36lbs 9ozs.

D.Sellick 96-6-0

A.Fox 37-2-0

D.Marder 36-9-0

B.Fox 22-9-0

M.Adams 15-10-0

P.Green 8-8-0

J.Carter 8-8-0

J.Pearson 8-6-0

J.Smith 5-11-0

W.Ramthor 4-1-0

B.Cornell 3-11-0

A.Sims 2-2-0

B.Walmsley DNW


Taylor's Top Lake 3rd April 2024

Our latest inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s. On the day the weather conditions were quite challenging with blustery showers on and off all day. The fishing was also quite difficult with only a few bream being caught and most of the weights being made up of F1’s.  Team wise it was a very easy win for Bishop’s Stortford who had 73 points to our 41. Individually, Ray Calderon was 1st with 23ibs 5ozs, Fred Hunt was 2nd with 21lbs 5ozs and I was 2nd with 13lbs 2ozs.

M.Adams 13-2-0

A.Fox 9-7-0

A.Sims 0-10-0

P.Green 9-13-0

J.Carter DNW

J.Pearson 6-4-0

B.Cornell DNW

ACAS Totals

Weight 39-2-0

Points 41

P.Whitmill 10-14-0

S.Foster 8-5-0

F.Hunt 21-5-0

B.Beeston 12-15-0

R.Calderon 23-5-0

J.Todd 8-13-0

R.Gibson 8-9-0

T.Moranda DNW

BSDAS Totals

Weight  94-12-0

Points 73

ACAS v BSDAS Hall Farm

6th March 2024   

Our latest inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished on their Hall Farm lake. Despite pretty good weather conditions it was tough going for most of those taking part, with the resident carp proving difficult to tempt. Team wise it was a comfortable win for Bishop’s Stortford who scored 61 points to our 44. Individually I had the top weight with 31lbs 1oz, Tony Cruci of Bishop’s Stortford was 2nd with 16lbs 14ozs and Ray Calderon also of Bishop’s Stortford 3rd with 16lbs 2ozs.

M.Adams 31-1-0


J.Pearson 13-6-0

P.Green 3-1-0

J.Carter 2-12-0

B.Cornell 8-2-0

D.Marder 0-2-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 58-8-0

Points 44

P.Whitmill 3-14-0

F.Hunt 3-13-0

T.Cruci 16-14-0

B.Beeston 3-0-0

S.Foster 2-2-0

T.Moranda 8-8-0

R.Calderon 16-2-0

J.Todd 11-6-0

R.Gibson DNW

BSDAS Totals

Weight 65-11-0

Points 61

Officers Cup Taylor's Car Park Lake

3rd March 2024

The Officers Cup is our final club competition of the season and was fished on the Car Park Lake at Taylor’s. Yet again we had a hard frost in the morning prior to the match, which didn’t help the catch rates. However it was good to see a number of the bream and tench that had been stocked over the winter being caught. I had the top weight with 18lbs 13ozs , Bob Walmsley was 2nd with 16lbs 6ozs and Peter Green was 3rd with 5lbs 1oz. This match was also the final of the club knockout competition in which I beat Tony Smith.                                                                                                                                                                                              

M.Adams 18-13-0

B.Walmsley 16-6-0

P.Green 5-1-0

J.Carter 4-2-0

B.Cornell 3-3-0

J.Pearson DNW

D.Marder DNW

Club Match Taylor's Top Lake

25th February 2024


The Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for this match. Following several weeks of mild weather we were greeted with a big drop in water temperature and heavy frost on the morning. This inevitably impacted on our catch rates. On the day it was all about catching F1’s with the resident bream failing to show. I had top weight with 32lbs 3ozs, Darren Marder was 2nd with 13lbs 2ozs and Jeff Pearson 3rd with 7lbs 9ozs.

M.Adams 32-3-0

D.Marder 13-2-0

J.Pearson 7-9-0

J.Carter 7-6-0

T.Smith 6-11-0

B.Cornell DNW

B.Walmsley DNW

ACAS v BSDAS TayLor's Top Lake

7th February 2024



A.Sims DNW

J.Pearson 3-7-0

B.Cornell DNW

B.Walmsley 1-0-0

J.Carter 32-6-0

T.Cruci DNW

ACAS Totals

Weight 36-13-0

Points 29

S.Foster 1-9-0

P.Whitmill DNW

F.Hunt 3-2-0

B.Beeston 15-0-0

T.Moranda 1-8-0

R.Calderon 9-6-0

J.Todd 16-1-0

R.Gibson 3-1-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 49-11-0

Points 66


Club Match Taylor's Top Lake

11th February 2024


D.Marder 29-7-0

J.Carter 15-0-0

J.Pearson 9-2-0

B.Cornell 7-0-0

A.Fox 3-6-0

S.Wingrove 2-9-0

B.Walmsley DNW

W.Ramthor DNW


Ron Wise Trophy Taylor's Car Park Lake

28th January 2024



D.Marder 25-14-0

B.Walmsley 3-2-0


A.Sims DNW

J.Pearson DNW

J.Smith DNW

S.Wingrove DNW

T.Smith DNW

B.Cornell DNW

J.Carter DNW

Reg Brayne Trophy River Stort Backstream
14th January 2024


T.Smith 3-2-0

W.Ramthor 2-11-0

A.Fox 2-9-0

B.Cornell 0-15-0

M.Adams 0-1-0

A.Sims DNW


J.Smith DNW

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