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Proudlove Cup Hunter's Hall

8th May 2022

This year’s Proudlove Cup was fished at the clubs Hunter’s Hall fishery. Similar to the match a few days earlier at Beggars Hall the warmer weather led to the fish being more interested in getting ready for spawning, rather than taking anglers baits. There were a few tench and bream weighed in, but we all struggled for bites and even the normally prolific silver fish were hard to find.  Top weight on the day was recorded by Alan Fox with 19lbs 5ozs, I was 2nd with 13lbs 5ozs and Jo Smith was 3rd with 9lbs 13ozs.

A.Fox 19-5-0

M.Adams 13-5-0

J.Smith 9-13-0

A.Sims 8-8-0

P.Green 5-1-0

W.Ramthor 3-6-0

J.Pearson 1-5-0

T.Parker 0-15-0

B.Cornell 0-1-0

B.Walmsley DNW


J.Carter DNW

D.Clark DNW

A.Ingram DNW

ACAS v BSDAS Hunter's Hall

04 May 2022


Our latest inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished on their Beggars Hall Lake. This lake is primarily stocked with good sized carp and with the recent spell of warmer weather they were more interested in getting ready for spawning, rather than feeding.  While most of us struggled for bites there were a few good weights from the favoured pegs. Team wise the result was very close with Abbey Cross just coming on top, scoring 54 points to Bishop’s Stortford 50. Individually, Jeff Pearson was 1st with 61lb  3ozs, Tony Parker was 2nd with 23lbs 7ozs and Fred Hunt was 3rd with 18lbs.

M.Adams 0-4-0

A.Fox 6-12-0

A.Sims 6-10-0

P.Green 0-4-0

D.Clark 7-9-0

T.Parker 23-7-0

J.Pearson 61-3-0

ACAS Totals

Weight: 106-2-0

Points 54

P.Whitmill 9-2-0

F.Hunt 18-0-0

T.Cruci 0-1-0

T.Moranda 16-4-0

B.Cornell 7-5-0

R.Gibson DNW

D.Fuller DNW

S.Foster 11-9-0

BSDAS Totals

 Weight 62-5-0

Points 50


Burrough's Cup Taylor's Top Lake

10th April 2022

The Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for this event. A few days earlier on the inter club match the lake had fished well with good numbers of bream and F1’s being caught, so hopes were high that it would again produce plenty of fish. However, a cold night and a cool north easterly wind made it a difficult day all round for those taking part. Top on the day was Alan Sims with a weight of 23lbs 7ozs, Jo Smith was 2nd with 15lbs 2ozs and Barry Cornell was 3rd with 3lbs 14ozs.

A.Sims 23-7-0

J.Smith 15-2-0

B.Cornell 3-14-0

T.Parker 2-15-0

M.Adams 0-4-0

P.Green DNW

B.Fox NW

J.Pearson DNW


W.Ramthor DNW

B.Walmsley DNW


Taylor's Top Lake 6th April 2022

A.Fox 7-7-0

A.Sims 23-15-0

P.Green 0-7-0

J.Pearson 2-9-0

K.Farrell 18-5-0

T.Parker 8-10-0

B.Cornell 21-1-0


ACAS Totals

Weight 82-6-0

Points 52

D.Fuller 13-5-0

T.Moranda 16-12-0

T.Cruci 10-9-0

F.Hunt 9-4-0

P.Whitmill 3-0-0

R.Gibson 13-10-0

J.Todd 7-15-0

BDAS Totals

Weight 74-7-0

Points 53



1st A.Fox 190

2nd J.Pearson 145

3rd P.Green 145

4th K.Farrell 142

5th M.Adams 141

6th J.Smith 130

7th K.Shaw 100

8th A.Sims 95

9th B.Cornell 90

10th T.Parker 89

11th W.Ramthor 85

12th B.Walmsley 65

13th B.Fox 56

14th G.Cable 48

15th T.Lincoln 44

16th R.Smith 42

17th D.Clark 30


19th N.Prince 10

20th S.Holland 10

21st P.Sales 10


1st M.Adams 388

2nd A.Sims 362

3rd A.Fox 356

4th J.Pearson 336

5th K.Farrell 299

6th B.Fox 299

7th P.Green 285

8th J.Smith 285

9th W.Ramthor 264

10th T.Parker 202

11th B.Cornell 197

12th S.Cable 191

13th B.Walmsley 179

14th N.Prince 63

15th K.Shaw 54

16th J.Higginson 48

17th T.Lincoln 48

18th D.Clark 47

19th D.Ives 44

20th P.Sales 41

21st K.Ross 10

22nd T.Chillingworth 10

Officers Cup Taylor's Top Lake

6th March 2022


The Officer’s Cup is traditionally fished as our last competition of the season and this year it was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s. All members are welcome to take part, but the trophy is awarded to the highest placed club officer. After many weeks in the doldrums the warmer weather did lead to some better weights, although there was still a number of blanks.  Top on the day was Peter Green with a weight of 28lbs 4ozs, Alan Sims was 2nd with 24lbs 4ozs and I was 3rd with 23lbs 14ozs. So, the Officer’s Cup went to Peter Green. This was also the final round of the Knockout Competition, this was won by myself, with Bob Fox the runner up.

P.Green 28-4-0

A.Sims 24-4-0

M.Adams 23-14-0

B.Walmsley 20-5-0

K.Farrell 16-9-0

A.Fox 10-2-0

W.Ramthor 9-0-0

T.Parker 5-6-0


J.Smith DNW

B.Cornell DNW

J.Pearson DNW

K.Shaw DNW

ACAS v BSDAS Hall Farm

2nd March 2022

Our latest inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished at their Hall Farm Lake. For the first time in many weeks we finally got some warmer weather and although the results weren’t great they did show a definite improvement on recent matches. Team wise Abbey Cross came out on top scoring 73 points to Bishop’s Stortford 57. Individually, Abbey Cross took 4 of the top five weights with Bob Walmsley 1st with 22lbs 1oz, Alan Fox 3rd with 14lbs 5ozs ,Alan Sims 4th with 10lbs 3ozs & Tony Parker 5th with 5lbs 6ozs.

M.Adams DNW

A.Fox 14-5-0

J.Pearson 3-3-0

P.Green 4-14-0

T.Parker 5-6-0

K.Farrell DNW

A.Sims 10-3-0

B.Walmsley 22-1-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 62-2-0

Points 73

T.Cruci 17-4-0

P.Whitmill DNW

T.Moranda 4-2-0

F.Hunt 3-7-0

J.Todd 4.3-0

S.Fostet 2-4-0

R.Gibson 2-14-0

B.Cornell 0-1-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 34-3-0

Points 57

ACAS v BSDAS Taylor's Top Lake

2nd February 2022

Our February inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished on the Top lake at Taylor’s. Fortunately the weather had turned a little warmer than it had been on our recent visits to Taylor’s and consequently a few more fish were caught. Most of the weights were F1’s with a couple of bream and one tench also weighed in. Team wise it was a good result for Abbey Cross who had a winning score of 71 points to Bishop’s Stortford’s 50 points.  Individually, I had top weight with 18lbs 12ozs, Ken Farrell was 2nd with 7lbs 15ozs and Barry Cornell  was 3rd with 5lbs 15ozs.

M.Adams 18-12-0

A.Fox 3-12-0

A.Sims 5-12-0

P.Green DNW

J.Pearson DNW

B.Walmsley 2-5-0

K.Farrell 7-15-0

T.Parker 5-3-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 46-11-0

Points 71

D.Fuller 0-2-0

B.Cornell 5-15-0

T.Moranda 5-10-0

T.Cruci 2-8-0

F.Hunt DNW

P.Whitmill DNW

R.Gibson 4-2-0

S.Foster DNW

J.Todd DNW

BSDAS Totals

Weight 18-1-0

Points 50

Ron Wise Trophy

Taylor's Lake 16th January 2022

This match was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s. Following several cold nights we were we arrived at Taylor’s to find much of the lake covered in a thin layer of ice. So before starting to fish it was case of breaking and clearing the ice for most of us. With water temperatures so low it proved to be a real struggle to get any fish to feed and we ended up with most of us failing to catch. Of those who did catch Jeff Pearson had top weight with 13lbs 2ozs, Tony Parker was 2nd with 8lbs 8ozs, Willy Ramthor was 3rd with 2lbs 2ozs and Peter Green, the only other angler to weigh in, was 4th with 2lbs.

J.Pearson 13-2-0

T.Parker 8-8-0

W.Ramthor 2-2-0

P.Green 2-0-0

M.Adams DNW

A.Sims DNW



B.Cornell DNW

B.Walmsley DNW

J.Smith DNW

K.Farrell DNW


Malcolm Barker Lake 5th January 2022

Our latest inter club match was fished on Bishops Stortford’s Malcolm Barker lake. With the ongoing cold spell all the predictions before the start were that the match was going to be hard going and that was the way it turned out. Both teams struggled to catch with only 7 of the 14 anglers competing weighing in. Unfortunately for us Bishop’s Stortford had the majority of the catches and were easy winners with 53 points to our 25. Individually Alan Sims had top weight with 6lbs 13ozs, John Todd of Bishop’s Stortford was 2nd with 1lbs 9ozs and Fred Hunt also of Bishop’s Stortford was 3rd with 1lbs 2oz.

M.Adams DNW


A.Sims 6-13-0

P.Green 0-13-0

J.Pearson DNW

T.Parker DNW

B.Cornell DNW

ACAS Totals
Weight 7-10-0 
Points 25

P.Whitmill DNW

F.Hunt 1-2-0

T.Cruci 0-1-0

D.Fuller DNW

T.Moranda 0-5-0

J.Todd 1-9-0

S.Foster 0-1-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 3-2-0

Points 53

Reg Brayne Trophy
R. Stort Backstream 2nd January 2022

Our first match of the new year was fished on a backwater of the River Stort owned by the Bishops Stortford club. The backwater runs just behind our lakes at Taylor’s and has residential  canal boats moored on the far bank for most of its length. On the day the backwater had reasonable flow, but was quite clear. Most people caught small roach on a variety of baits, plus there was a very good chub and a  decent perch weighed in. First on the day was Jo Smith who included a 4lbs 13oz chub in her 5lbs 1oz winning weight, Bob Fox was 2nd  with 3lbs 2ozs, and Willy Ramthor was 3rd with 1lbs 8ozs.

J.Smith 5-1-0

B.Fox 3-2-0

W.Ramthor 1-8-0

M.Adams 1-6-0

A.Sims 1-5-0

P.Green 1-5-0

K.Shaw 0-13-0

J.Pearson 0-9-0

A.Fox 0-6-0

B.Walmsley 0-6-0

B.Cornell 0-4-0