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          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB

Carrington Cup Cokenach

7th May 2023


This year’s Carrington Cup was held on a small estate lake near Barley. The lake is principally a carp syndicate water, but we were invited to fish there for the good numbers of rudd, roach and perch that are present. The lake proved to be quite shallow and very weedy, it also contained a lot of pike, these proved to be a real nuisance when catching the silver fish. I had top weight on the day with 14lbs 11ozs, Jeff Pearson was 2nd with 10lbs 7ozs and Mark Fox was 3rd with 7lbs 15ozs.

M.Adams 14-11-0

J.Pearson 10-7-0

M.Fox 7-15-0

P.Green 6-10-0

J.Smith 6-1-0

B.Fox 5-5-0

A.Sims 1-7-0

A.Fox 0-8-0

D.Clark 0-6-0

B.Cornell DNW

ACAS v BSDAS Beggar's Hall

2nd May 2023

Our latest inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished at Beggars Hall. This is one of Bishop’s Stortford’s club lakes and is well known for its  good sized carp. In the match decent numbers of carp were caught from the favoured pegs. However, for those not catching carp it was tough going. Team wise it was an comfortable win for Bishop’s Stortford who had 61 points to our 41. Individually, Steve Foster was top with 53lbs 5ozs, Dave Fuller was 2nd with 47lbs 13ozs and Jeff Pearson was 3rd with 43lbs 7ozs.

A.Sims 14-8-0

P.Green 26-15-0

J.Pearson 43-7-0

M.Adams 4-13-0

J.Carter 9-9-0

B.Cornell 0-5-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 99-9-0

Points 41

P.Whitmill 4-4-0

F.Hunt 8-3-0

T.Moranda 37-9-0

B.Beeston 25-6-0

R.Gibson 43-3-0

S.Foster 53-5-0

D.Jones 1-7-0

D.Fuller 47-13-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 221-2-0

Points 61


M.Adams 383

J.Pearson 372

A.Sims 370

B.Cornell 353

A.Fox 344

J.Smith 290

P.Green 275

J.Carter 260

W.Ramthor 191

K.Shaw 188

B.Walmsley 187

P.Sales 172

B.Fox 139

T.Smith 109

T.Parker 50

J.Higginson 47

T.Lincoln 45

D.Clark 20

D.Venis 10

A.Barker 10

Danahar Shield 2022/23

A.Fox 188

M.Adams 149

J.Smith 140

A.Sims 138

J.Pearson 135

B.Walmsley 106

J.Carter 106

W.Ramthor 94

D.Clark 93

P.Green 91

T.Parker 84

B.Cornell 79

T.Lincoln 47

J.Venis 40

P.Sales 39

B.Fox 10

A.Ingram 10

Trophies 2022/23

Proudlove Cup - Alan Fox

Burrough's Cup - Alan Sims

Paul Sales Shield - Tony Parker

Tench Cup - John Carter

Carrington Cup - Martin Adams

Fishpools Trophy - Bob Fox

Andy The Greek Trophy - Kevin Shaw

Carp Shield - John Carter

Memorial Trophy - Martin Adams

Fred Sandland Cup - Martin Adams

BBQ Match - Peter & Jean Green

Lil Williams Ladies Cup - Shane Miles

Ken Mann Trophy - Tony Smith

Weekend Away Shield - Not Fished

River Cup - Not Fished

Arthur Tully Trophy - Martin Adams

Random Pairs Trophy - Peter Green & Bob Fox

John Duff Cup - Martin Adams

Ouse Trophy - Martin Adams

Gaye Plate - Not Fished

Reg Braine Trophy - Martin Adams

Ron Wise Trophy - Alan Fox/Barry Cornell

Rose Bowl - Alan Fox

Officers Cup - Alan Fox

Knockout Trophy - Martin Adams

Danahar Shield - Alan Fox

Bert Munns Club Championship Trophy - Martin Adams



ACAS v BSDAS Taylor's Top Lake

5th April 2023 

Our April inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s. Following on from the club match a few days earlier Taylor’s again fished pretty well and there were a number of decent bream and F1’s caught, mostly from the more favoured pegs.  Team wise  things were very close with Bishop’s Stortford  just winning with 69 points to our 66. Individually I came top with 34-6-0, John Todd was 2nd with 33lbs 4ozs and Alan Sims was 3rd with 25lbs 6ozs.

M.Adams 34-6-0

A.Fox 8-0-0

A.Sims 25-6-0

P.Green 0-9-0

J.Pearson 0-5-0

J.Carter 8-14-0

B.Cornell DNW

T.Parker 9-8-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 87-0-0

Points 66

P.Whitmill 24-5-0

F.Hunt 2-9-0

T.Cruci DNW

T.Moranda 12-12-0

R.Gibson 8-7-0

D.Foster 7-7-0

B.Beeston 3-14-0

J.Todd 33-4-0

D.Fuller 0-1-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 92-11-0

Points 69

Burrough's Cup Taylor's Top Lake

2nd April 2023

The Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for the Burrough’s Cup, our first match of the new season. After many weeks of low weights in our competitions a few days of warmer weather made all the difference. With good numbers of bream and F1’s being caught from around the lake. Top on the day was John Carter with 38lbs 5ozs, Tony Smith was 2nd with 31-14-0 and I was 3rd with 27-11-0.

J.Carter 38-5-0

T.Smith 31-14-0

M.Adams 27-11-0

W.Ramthor 21-10-0

A.Fox 16-11-0

J.Pearson 13-15-0

P.Green 13-6-0

J.Smith 10-0-0

A.Sims 8-3-0

B.Cornell 6-5-0

Officers Cup Taylor's Top Lake

5th March 2023

The recent milder weather led to some better catches on the Top Lake at Taylor’s for this seasons Officer’s Cup. Most of the weighs were made up of F1’s, plus a few odd silver fish. Top weight on the day was Alan Fox who weighed in with 25lbs 11ozs, John Carter was 2nd with 19lbs 14ozs and I was 3rd with 17lbs 12ozs. Alan Fox won the Officers Cup as the top officer of the club taking part in the match.

A.Fox 25-11-0

J.Carter 19-14-0

M.Adams 17-12-0

A.Sims 14-9-0

J.Pearson 7-14-0

B.Cornell 5-12-0

W.Ramthor 4-7-0

K.Shaw 4-4-0

J.Smith DNW

T.Smith DNW



ACAS v BSDAS Hall Farm

1st March 2023

Our latest inter club match was fished at Bishop’s Stortford Hall Farm lake. This was always going to be a tough day, with a very cold north easterly wind blowing down the lake.  You can usually rely on the carp and F1’s on this water to feed at some time during the day.  Unfortunately, this was far from the case this time with all of us struggling for bites in the windy conditions.  Team wise Bishops Stortford came out on top with 57 points to our 32. Individually, they also took the top three places with Steve Foster 1st with 26lbs 8ozs, Terri Moranda  2nd with 7lbs 7ozs and Fred Hunt 3rd with 3lbs 8ozs.


M.Adams 2-7-0

A.Fox 0-2-0

A.Sims DNW

P.Green 0-1-0

J.Pearson 0-1-0

J.Carter 3-3-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 5-14-0

Points 32

T.Cruci 2-3-0

T.Moranda 7-7-0

F.Hunt 3-8-0

J.Todd 2-6-0

S.Foster 26-8-0

R.Gibson DNW

D.Fuller 1-10-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 43-10-0

Points 57

Club Match Hunter's Hall

19th February 2023

K.Shaw 10-8-0

J.Pearson 8-4-0

J.Smith 3-13-0

A.Sims 3-9-0

B.Walmsley 3-8-0


J.Carter DNW

 Ron Wise Trophy

Taylor's Lake 5th February 2023



A.Fox 23-5-0

B.Cornell 23-5-0

J.Carter 15-14-0

J.Pearson 13-11-0

P.Green 10-13-0

D.Clark 7-8-0

A.Sims DNW

J.Venis DNW

W.Ramthor DNW

ACAS v BSDAS Hunter's Hall

2nd February 2023








Weight 16-6-0

Points 50

D.Jones DNW

J.Todd DNW

S.Foster DNW

P.Whitmill DNW

F.Hunt DNW

T.Cruci DNW

R.Gibson DNW

B.Beeston DNW


Weight 0

Points 0

ACAS v BSDAS Hall Farm

4th January 2023


Our latest inter club match was fished on Bishops Stortford’s Hall Farm lake. With the recent cold spell having coming to an end it was hoped that we would have a decent days sport. However, a very strong blustery wind made the fishing  far from easy, although we all did at least weigh in. Team wise Bishop’s Stortford had a comfortable win scoring 75 points to our 61. Individually the weights for the top five were very close with Alan Sims achieving top weight with 23lbs 8ozs, Bill Beeston of Bishop’s Stortford was 2nd with 21lbs 14ozs and Terry Moranda  also of Bishop’s Stortford 3rd with 20lbs 12ozs.


M.Adams 5-2-0

A.Fox 0-15-0

A.Sims 23-8-0

P.Green 8-14-0

J.Pearson 10-15-0

B.Cornell 7-3-0

D.Clark 0-4-0

J.Carter 2-12-0

ACAS Totals
Weight 69-9-0
Points 61


P.Whitmill 18-2-0

F.Hunt 0-1-0

T.Cruci 19-13-0

D.Fuller 0-1-0

S.Foster 3-3-0

R.Gibson 5-13-0

T.Moranda 20-12-0

B.Beeston 21-14-0

D.Jones 5-8-0

BSDAS Totals
Weight 95-3-0
Points 75

Reg Brayne Trophy River Stort Backstream

8th January 2023 

Our first match of the new year was fished on a backwater of the River Stort, close to Taylor’s, which owned by the Bishops Stortford club. At the start of the day the flow and colour were good, but heavy rain during the morning led to a lot of debris and dirty water entering the river, which severely limited catches in the afternoon. Top on the day was myself with 3lbs 10ozs, Alan Fox was 2nd 2lbs 11ozs and Jo Smith was 3rd with 1lbs 13ozs.

M.Adams 3-10-0

A.Fox 2-11-0

J.Smith 1-13-0

A.Sims 1-12-0

W.Ramthor 1-11-0

K.Shaw 1-9-0

B.Cornell 1-3-0

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