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          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB



2020/21 Competition Winners












Gaye Plate Xmas Match

Our annual Xmas match was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s this year. Despite not being able to have our usual post-match Xmas meal we still presented prizes to the top five anglers on the day. Conditions were cold and bright, but it was a bit warmer than it had been in previous couple of weeks. We had a good turnout of 14 anglers and the fishing proved to be hard going for all of us with just a the odd F1 and bream, plus a few silver fish being caught. Top weight on the day went to Alan Fox with 7lbs, I was 2nd with 4lbs 14ozs, Tony Parker was 3rd with 3lbs 10ozs,  Jeff Pearson was 4th with 2lbs 12ozs and Nick Prince 5th with 2lbs 6ozs.


This was also the final round of our club knockout competition with Jeff Pearson coming 1st, Peter Green was 2nd and Ken Farrell 3rd.

A.Fox 7-0-0

M.Adams 4-14-0

T.Parker 3-10-0

J.Pearson 2-12-0

N.Prince 2-6-0

P.Green 1-6-0

K.Ross 0-8-0

A.Sims 0-5-0

B.Walmsley 0-4-0

K.Farrell 0-2-0

B.Cornell 0-1-0

J.Smith DNW

W.Ramthor DNW


ACAS v BSDAS TayLor's Top Lake

7th October 2020

The Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for our latest inter club match with Bishops Stortford. Taylor’s has been fishing been quite hard lately so we expected it to be a challenging day, also the heavy rain over recent days didn’t help. Despite this a few F1’s and the odd bream were caught, along with reasonable numbers of small roach and perch. Team wise it was a very close run thing with Abbey Cross just securing a win with 87 points to Bishop’s Stortford’s 85. Individually top weight on the day went to Peter Green with 14lbs 4ozs, Alan Sime was 2nd with 10lbs 9ozs and Terry Moranda of Bishop’s Stortford was 3rd with 10lbs 3ozs.

M.Adams 9-11-0

A.Sims 10-9-0

P.Green 14-4-0

A.Fox 2-2-0

K.Farrell 3-15-0

T.Parker 6-5-0

B.Walmsley 3-11-0

J.Pearson 1-9-0

N.Prince DNW

P.Whitmill 4-7-0

T.Tucker 7-6-0

F.Hunt 2-2-0

J.Todd 4-15-0

T.Crucci 4-15-0

B.Cornell 6-15-0

R.Gibson 0-1-0

J.Pretious 0-3-0

T.Moranda 10-3-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 52-2-0

Points 87

BSDAS Totals

Weight 41-3-0

Points 85

Arthur Tully Trophy

Taylor's Car Park Lake 13th September 2020

M.Adams 5-10-0

B.Fox 5-6-0

N.Prince 3-10-0

K.Farrell 2-6-0

J.Prearson 2-3-0

A.Fox 2-2-0

A.Sims 1-1-0

J.Pretious 0-10-0

J.Smith 0-4-0

B.Walmsley 0-2-0

B.Cornell 0-1-0

W.Ramthor DNW

P.Green DNW

T.Parker DNW


Beggar's Hall 2nd September 2020​

This was our first inter club match since March and was fished at Bishops Stortford’s lake at Beggars Hall. This is a normally prolific fishery dominated by large numbers of good sized carp. However, on the day despite good conditions the fishing was very difficult with most of us struggling to catch the odd carp. Team wise Bishops Stortford turned out easy winners beating Abbey Cross 81 points to 49. Individually Terry Moranda of Bishops Stortford was 1st with 41lbs 8ozs, Terry Tucker also of Bishops Stortford was 2nd with 29lbs 14ozs and Jeff Pearson of Abbey Cross was 3rd with 16lbs 4ozs.

M.Adams 0-14-0

A.Sims 2-5-0

P.Green 10-14-0

J.Smith DNW

K.Farrell DNW

T.Parker 6-4-0

J.Pearson 16-4-0

N.Prince 7-7-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 44-0-0

Points 49

P.Whitmill 10-0-0

B.Cornell 11-5-0

F.Hunt 7-11-0

T.Moranda 41-8-0

T.Tucker 29-14-0

S.Robinson 9-10-0

R.Marder DNW

R.Gibson 6-5-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight  119-5-0

Points 49



Ken Man Trophy

Taylor's Lake 30th August 2020

The Car Park lake at Taylor’s was the venue for our latest club match. We had 14 anglers taking part and with the lake having been fishing quite hard lately we were all expecting a difficult day. However, I don’t think any of us expected it to be as bad as what it was. With virtually no decent fish showing most had  to resort  to catching small silver fish. I was fortunate to find one decent F1 plus a few small fish for 5lbs 10ozs which was 1st on the day, Bob Fox was 2nd with an all small fish catch of 5lbs 4ozs and Nick Prince 3rd with 3lbs 10ozs again all small fish.

G.Cable 29-2-0

T.Parker 22-1-0

P.Green 19-8-0

A.Sims 14-8-0

J.Smith 12-15-0

B.Cornell 12-2-0

K.Farrell 10-4-0

N.Prince 9-2-0

A.Fox 7-8-0

P.Sales 6-3-0

B.Walmsley 3-0-0

J.Pearson 2-6-0

T.Lincoln 2-0-0

C.Beaumont DNW

Fred Sandland Cup Hunter's Hall

16th August 2020 

Our latest match, The Fred Sandland Cup, was fished at the clubs lake at Hunter’s Hall. After weeks of hot and humid conditions we finally had a change in the weather for this event. In fact it was significantly cooler and breezier, with some torrential rain thrown in for good measure. The change did result in some improved catches with decent numbers of tench and bream being caught from the favoured pegs. It was also good to see a number of the recently stocked crucian’s making an appearance.  Top weight on the day went to Nick Prince with 43lbs 15ozs, Tony Parker was 2nd with 37lbs 10ozs and Paul Sales was 3nd with 18lbs 1oz. 

N.Prince 43-15-0

T.Parker 37-10-0

P.Sales 18-10-0

M.Adams 17-3-0

B.Fox 17-0-0

K.Farrell 10-15-0

J.Smith 10-9-0

A.Fox 7-15-0

J.Pearson 5-13-0

T.Lincoln 3-5-0

A.Sims DNW

Memorial Match Taylor's Top Lake

9th August 2020

The annual Memorial Match is held in memory of all our club members who are no longer with us. This year’s event was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s and we had a good turnout of 19 anglers. However with temperatures in the mid 30’s, as they had been for several days and with very little breeze the match was always going to be a grueller. A few fish were caught early on, but after a couple of hours we were all struggling for bites. For those who did manage to put a few fish together it was F1’s and the odd tench. 1st place on the day went to Graham Cable with 15lbs, 2nd was Pat Rawlings  with 13lbs 10ozs and Nick Prince 3rd with 13lbs 7ozs.

G.Cable 15-0-0

P.Rawlings 13-10-0

N.Prince 13-7-0

J.Smith 7-9-0

A.Fox 7-6-0

P.Green 6-12-0

K.Farrell 6-7-0

P.Sales 5-12-0

B.Walmsley 5-4-0

J.Pretious 4-15-0

J.Pearson 3-8-0

C.Beaumont 2-10-0

P.Helbig 2-1-0

M.Adams 1-14-0

A.Sims DNW

W.Ramthor DNW

D.Clark DNW

B.Cornell DNW

T.Tucker DNW



Carp Cup & ATG Trophy

Nazeing Car Park Lake

The car Park Lake at Nazeing was the venue for our latest club competition and we had a good turnout of 17 anglers. Conditions were quite good with a south westerly breeze blowing across the lake, leading us all to hope for a good days sport. However, as often happens on this lake under match conditions it was a case of good weights for a few and a real struggle for the majority of those taking part. It was a close run thing for first place with Kevin Shaw just edging out Nick Prince with 77lbs 12ozs to  Nick’s 75lbs 12ozs, then in 3rd Place it was myself with 47lbs 7ozs. I was also fortunate enough to take the ATG trophy for the largest carp of the day with a fish of 14lbs 6ozs.

K.Shaw 77-12-0

N.Prince 75-12-0

M.Adams 47-7-0

J.Smith 18-3-0

K.Farrell 17-0-0

A.Fox 15-14-0

P.Green 13-3-0

J.Pretious 12-5-0

B.Walmley 11-12-0

J.Pearson 11-3-0

T.Smith 6-12-0

T.Parker DNW

A.Sims DNW

T.Arber DNW

S.Evans DNW

S.Holland DNW

D.Clark DNW

Paul Sales Trophy & Tench Cup

Hunter's Hall 12th July 2020

After four long months without any events we have finally restarted our club competitions. We had a good turnout of 17 angler’s at Hunter’s Hall  on Sunday with two trophies up for grabs, one for the largest total weight on the day and one for the largest weight of tench. Unfortunately conditions were far from ideal with little wind and bright sunshine and as a consequence the fishing was hard going for most, with tench particularly hard to come by. I was fortunate enough to get top weight on the day with 17lbs 9ozs, Doug Clark was 2nd with 10lbs 12ozs and Tony Smith 3rd with 10lbs 2ozs. The tench Cup also went to Doug Clark who had two fish for 8lbs 3ozs.

1 M.Adams17-9-0

2 D.Clark10-12-0

3 T.Smith10-2-0

4 K.Farrell6-0-0

5= N.Prince5-1-0

5= S.Evans5-1-0

7 J.Pearson3-2-0

8 A.Fox2-12-0

9 A.Sims2-9-0

10 B.Walmsley1-15-0

11 P.Sales1-13-0

12 P.Green1-4-0

13 J.Smith0-5-0

14 P.RawlingsDNW

15 W.RamthorDNW

16 T.ParkerDNW

17 J.PretiousDNW



1st P.Sales 185

2nd B.Walmsley 182

3rd K.Farrell 155

4th M.Adams 143

5th A.Sims 142

6th J.Smith 126

7th A.Fox 100

8th S.Evans 99

9th P.Green 97

10th B.Fox 97

11th T.Lincoln 94

12th W.Ramthor 92

13th T.Smith 51

14th D.Clark 46

15th R.Young 45

16th B.Cornell 42

17th P.Helbig 41

18th J.Pearson 39

19th P.Rawlings 10

20th N.Prince 10

21st J.Pretious 10


1st A.Fox 377

2nd M.Adams 375

3rd A.Sims 369

4th K.Farrell 339

5th J.Smith 302

6th B.Walmsley 293

7th P.Green 282

8th J.Pearson 221

9th W.Ramthor 220

10th J.Pretious 196

11th B.Fox 184

12th B.Cornell 176

13th D.Clark 140

14th N.Prince 139

15th P.Sales 131

16th T.Parker 112

17th S.Evans 102

18th T.Smith 101

19th R.Young 94

20th P.Helbig 89

21st P.Rawlings 84

22nd T.Lincoln 66

23rd N.Farrell 46

24th T.Chillingworth 43

25th A.Ingram 10


Officer's Cup Taylor's Top Lake

8th March 2020

The Officer’s Cup is traditionally fished as our last competition of the season and this year it was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s. All members are welcome to take part, but the trophy is awarded to the highest placed club officer taking part.  The lake had been fishing quite well in the lead up to the match and given the mild conditions on the day we all hoped for some good weights. However, the fish obviously had other ideas and apart from a few favoured pegs it turned out to be a real struggle for most of those taking part. Top on the day was Alan Sims with a weight of 31lbs 10ozs and being an officer of the club Alan also won the trophy. I was 2nd with a weight of 18lbs 11ozs and Bob Walmsley was 3rd with 17lbs 4ozs.

A.Sims 31-10-0

M.Adams 18-11-0

B.Walmsley 17-4-0

A.Fox 12-13-0

W.Ramthor 12-1-0

T.Smith 8-6-0

P.Rawlings 8-3-0

B.Cornell 6-6-0

P.Green 5-9-0

J.Smith 4-2-0

B.Fox 3-14-0

J.Pearson 1-15-0

K.Farrell DNW

T.Parker DNW

T.Lincoln DNW

S.Evans DNW

ACAS v BSDAS Hall Farm

4th March 2020

Bishop’s Stortford’s Hall Farm Lake was the venue for our March inter club match. On the day weather conditions were not very favourable, with an overnight frost and a cold northerly wind blowing down the lake. Despite this most people taking part did manage to catch a few fish, with most of the weights being made up of small carp. Team wise it was a very close run affair with Bishop’s Stortford just getting the edge over Abbey Cross 71 points to 66. Individually, Ken Farrell of Abbey Cross came 1st with 20lbs 7ozs, Stortford’s Terry Tucker was 2nd with 18lbs 6ozs and our Alan Sims was 3rd with 17lbs 14ozs.

M.Adams 9-13-0

A.Sims 17-14-0

P.Green 1-3-0

B.Walmsley 8-2-0

K.Farrell 20-7-0

J.Pearson 11-3-0

T.Parker 3-5-0

B.Fox 3-5-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 75-4-0

Points 66

P.Whitmill 10-3-0

T.Moranda 14-4-0

T.Tucker 18-6-0

J.Todd 10-3-0

R.Gibson 12-1-0

T.Cruci 5-1-0

S.Foster 4-13-0

B.Cornell DNW

BSDAS Totals

Weight 74-15-0

Points 71

ACAS v BSDAS Taylor's Top Lake

5th February 2020

The Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for this month’s inter club match with Bishops Stortford. Following a heavy overnight frost conditions at the start of the competition did not look very promising. However, with reasonable numbers F1’s, tench & bream being caught from all round lake it turned out to be a decent days sport for most of those taking part. Team wise Abbey Cross put their local knowledge to good use in securing a comfortable 127 to 80 point win over Bishops Stortford. Individually weights were very close with just 7lbs covering the top seven anglers. 1st on the day with 24lbs 2ozs was Bob Walmsley, Barry Cornell was 2nd with 22lbs 10ozs and I was 3rd with 20lbs 6ozs.


A.Fox 3-7-0

A.Sims 11-3-0

P.Green 11-7-0

B.Walmsley 24-2-0

K.Farrell 13-5-0

M.Adams 20-6-0

T.Parker 12-15-0

J.Smith 19-0-0

B.Fox 17-2-0

J.Pearson 3-4-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 136-1-0

Points 127

F.Hunt 14-10-0

T.Moranda 18-4-0

S.Foster DNW

D.Fuller DNW

T.Tucker 0-14-0

J.Todd 6-10-0

T.Cruci 2-5-0

R.Gibson 4-14-0

P.Whitmill 5-1-0

B.Cornell 22-10-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 77-4-0

Points 80

Club Match Taylor's Car Park Lake

2nd February 2020

K.Shaw 31-11-0

N.Prince 18-7-0

K.Farrell 4-7-0

J.Smith 0-12-0

A.Sims 0-3-0

B.Walmsley 0-1-0



Club Match Taylor's Top Lake

19th January 2020

A.Fox 34-0-0

J.Smith 22-0-0

P.Green 13-14-0

A.Sims 11-11-0

K.Farrell 10-12-0

B.Cornell 6-13-0

J.Pearson 3-14-0

T.Parker 3-11-0

B.Walmsley 2-4-0


W.Ramthor DNW

N.Prince DNW





 ACAS v BSDAS Malcolm Barker Lake

8th January 2020

A.Fox 0-8-0

A.Sims 0-14-0

P.Green 4-8-0

K.Farrell 10-3-0

B.Walmsley 10-0-0

T.Parker 12-4-0

B.Cornell 0-4-0

F.Hunt 2-13-0

ACAS Totals

Weight 41-6-0

Points 77

R.Gibson 3-5-0

J.Todd 3-1-0

T.Tucker 4-7-0

P.Whitmill 4-11-0

F.Hunt 1-3-0

S.Foster 0-2-0

D.Fuller 1-10-0

T.Moranda 0-2-0

BSDAS Totals

Weight 18-9-0

Points 59

River Stort Backstream

5th January 2020


K.Farrell 6-1-0

W.Ramthor 4-10-0

B.Fox 3-5-0

B.Walmsley 2-3-0

T.Lincoln 1-13-0

P.Sales 1-12-0

A.Fox 1-10-0

P.Green 1-7-0

A.Sims 1-0-0

P.Helbig 0-11-0

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