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          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB


Gaye Plate Xmas Match Taylor's Lake

11th December 2016

This year’s Xmas match was very well attended with 20 angler’s taking part. Fortunately, the Top Lake at Taylor’s fished a lot better than had on the previous Wednesday’s inter club match, with decent bags of fish being caught from around the lake. Top weight on the day went to Alan Sims who had an excellent 34lbs 15ozs made up mostly of F1’s, I was 2nd with 21lbs and Stuart Curtis 3rd with 19lbs 7ozs. In the evening we went to Three Lakes at Westmill Farm for the prize giving  and traditional Xmas meal. Finally, I would like to say thank you to Willy Ramthor for making the social side of the event a big success.


A.Sims 34-15-0

M.Adams 21-0-0

S.Curtis 19-7-0

A.Fox 15-8-0

S.Evans 13-7-0

T.Smith 11-15-0

K.Farrell 9-12-0

C.Garner 5-14-0

D.Self-Pearson 4-10-0

W.Baker 3-6-0

T.Parker 2-3-0

P.Rawlings 2-2-0

T.Williams 2-1-0

P.Green 1-8-0

W.Ramthor 0-6-0

G.Smith 0-2-0

C.Ross 0-1-0

C.West DNW

N.Farrell DNW








Taylor's Top Lake - 7th December 2016

The normally productive Top Lake at Taylor’s fished particularly hard for our latest inter club match against Bishops Stortford. Although the day was quite mild, water temperatures were still very low after a number of bitterly cold nights. The resident F1’s which can normally be relied upon to feed in most conditions were particularly noticeable for their absence. Many of us had to rely on catching a few small roach and skimmers to ensure that we weighed in. On the day Bishops Stortford coped with the conditions better than we did and turned out comfortable winners with 116 points to our 92. Let’s hope things improve for the Xmas match which is on the same venue.


S.Evans 1-0-0

M.Adams 2-14-0

P.Rawlings 0-11-0

A.Sims 0-4-0

B.Walmsley 0-0-84

G.Smith 1-6-0

K.Farrell 5-3-0

M.Gill 1-2-0

P.Green DNW

D.Clark DNW


Weight 12-4-0

Points 98



T.Moranda 2-8-0

D.Fuller 0-2-0

M.Halverson 9-0-0

T.Bullock 10-14-0

P.Whitmill 0-7-0

F.Hunt 0-5-0

D.Coppin 0-1-0

T.Tucker 0-4-0

B.Cornell 1-4-0

J.Todd DNW

J.Pretious 1-12-0


Weight 26-9-0

Points 107

Team Result 

1 Bishops Stortford 26-9-0

2 Abbey Cross 12-4-0

Individual Result

1st T.Bullock 10-14-0

2nd M.Halverson 9-0-0

3rd K.Farrell 5-3-0

4th M.Adams 2-14-0

5th T.Moranda 2-8-0





4th DECEMBER 2016   

Everything was against us for Sunday’s Reg Brayne Cup held on the  River Rib at Westmill. We had a hard frost the night before, plus the river was suffering from very little flow, low levels and was also gin clear. Inevitably this lead to it being a very hard day for all. Peter Jordan did well to get 3 chub including one of 4lbs 1oz for 1st place, Geoff Smith had 1 chub and a couple of dace in his 3lbs 8oz catch for 2nd. The rest of us struggled for a few ounces.


1 P.Jordan 6-6-0

2 G.Smith 3-8-0

3 M.Adams 0-3-0

4 T.Lincoln 0-2-0

5 A.Fox 0-1-0

6 A.Sims DNW

7 S.Evans DNW

8 P.Rawlings DNW

9 B.Walmsley DNW



23rd NOVEMBER 2016 

Our latest trip to Fryerning Lakes turned out to be a bit of a struggle compared to recent visits. This was probably due to a lot of cold water going into the lake from the two days of heavy rain that occurred prior to our visit. Very few fish were caught in the early part of the day, with the fish only starting to feed in the last hour of the match. On the day Mark Fox kept it in the family by winning from the same peg that his dad won from two weeks previously. Mark had a weight of 20lb 9ozs, I was 2nd with 11lb 4ozs & Bob Walmsley 3rd with 7lb 6ozs.


1 M.Fox 20-9-0


2 M.Adams 11-4-0

3 B.Walmsey 7-6-0

4 P.Green 6-15-0

5 A.Fox 5-14-0

6 D.Clark 2-10-0

7 K.Farrell 1-14-0

8 G.Smith DNW

9 W.Ramthor DNW

10 S.Evans DNW


20th NOVEMBER 2016  

On Sunday after many years of taking part in the IPA Teams of Six Abbey Cross won for the first time. The match was fished on the River Ivel in the Sandy area, where despite a lot of overnight rain the river was low and clear, making conditions quite difficult for many. However, there were still some good weights caught in key areas especially on the sections downstream of the weir. The club had two section winners in Bob Fox (13lbs 1oz) and Peter Jordan (3lb 15ozs). With the rest of the team providing good backup points the team managed an excellent winning performance. Well done to all those who took part.  A picture of the winning team can be seen on the News tab.

1 Abbey Cross AS 18

2 Letchworth AA 16

3 Kings Arms AS 14

4 Braggers AS 10

Fryerning Fishery

This was our third visit to this lake and as before there were some excellent bags of quality roach weighed in. With the weather getting colder the fish do seem to have shoaled up along one bank and hence those who were drawn away from this area struggled for bites. However, on the right pegs sport was good with Bob Fox weighing in an amazing all roach catch of 75lb 8ozs, I was 2nd with 37lb 5ozs and Doug Clark 3rd with 19lb 7ozs.

1 B.Fox 75-8-0

2 M.Adams 37-5-0

3 D.Clark 19-7-0

4 K.Farrell 19-2-0

5 S.Evans 16-6-0

6 A.Fox 5-7-0

7 G.Smith DNW

8 P.Green DNW

9 B.Walmsley DNW



With the cold spell continuing and a strong north easterly wind blowing it was always going to be a tough day at Hunter’s Hall for the John Duff Cup. We did manage to fit all the pegs on the west bank of the lake, which was partially sheltered from the wind, however it still proved to be a difficult time for those taking part. None of the resident bream made a showing, so it was down to trying to catch a few roach to put a weight together. I was fortunate to have top weight with 4lb 12ozs, Peter Green was 2nd with 2lb 4ozs and Alan Fox 3rd with 1lb 5ozs. Let’s hope things improve for our next match which is a midweek return trip to Fryerning fishery.

1 M.Adams 4-12-0

2 P.Green 2-4-0

3 A.Fox 1-5-0

4 K.Farrell 1-2-0

5 G.Smith 0-10-0

6 W.Ramthor 0-8-0

7 P.Rawlings DNW

8 A.Sims DNW

9 B.Walmsley DNW


Hall Farm 2nd November 2016

Our latest inter club match with Bishops Stortford was held on their Hall Farm fishery. Unfortunately, the first proper frost of the Autumn and a biting north wind blowing down the lake had a big impact on the results. Most of those taking part struggled in the conditions to put a few fish in the net. However, there were a some decent weights of mostly small carp caught from the high numbered pegs. Bishops Stortford’s anglers made best use of these favoured pegs helping their team to a comfortable win. They also had the top four individual weights on the day, although we did get the consolation of having two section wins. Hopefully, Abbey Cross can do a bit better in December’s match which is being held on our home water at Taylor’s.

S.Evans 1-2-0

M.Adams 2-13-0

N.Farrell 5-14-0

A.Sims 0-0-8

B.Walmsley 8-0-0

P.Green 5-6-0

K.Farrell 6-12-0

A.Fox 2-2-0

G.Smith 1-2-0




Weight 36-3-0

Points 89

T.Moranda 2-9-0

D.Fuller 2-7-0

R.Gibson 13-1-0

T.Bullock 12-15-0

P.Whitmill 16-7-0

F.Hunt 11-15-0

D.Coppin 2-4-0

T.Tucker DNW

J.Pearson 1-10-0

J.Pretious 3-2-0

J.Todd 2-14-0



Weight 69-4-0

Points 122


Team Result  

1 Bishops Stortford 69-4-0 - 122 points

2 Abbey Cross 36-3-0 - 89 points


Individual Result

1st P.Whitmill

2nd R.Gibson

3rd T.Bullock

4th F.Hunt

Section A: B.Walmsley

Section B: K.Farrell


19th OCTOBER 2016 

Following our recent successful  Sunday match at Fryerning it was decided to have a midweek return session on this carp syndicate water. Despite a cold & blustery northerly wind the lake again produced some excellent bags of quality roach many in the 1lb to 2lb bracket. As on our previous visit it was the swims with deeper water that produced the best results. Top weight on the day was Ken Farrell with 34lb 10ozs, Peter Green was 2nd with 31lb 13ozs & Doug Clark 3rd with 23lb 10ozs.


1 K.Farrell 34-10-0

2 P.Green 31-13-0

3 D.Clark 23-10-0

4 M.Adams 23-5-0

5 B.Walmsley 19-9-0

6 P.Rawlings 14-13-0

7 G.Smith 6-2-0

8 A.Sims DNW

9 A.Fox DNW

10 T.Williams DNW

11 S.Evans DNW



This was our first competition of the year to be fished on the River Rib. Due to there being very little rain over recent weeks, those taking part had to contend with low water levels and little flow. In these conditions it was never going to be a day for big catches, although everyone did at least weigh in. 1st on the day was Steve Evans with a weight of 4lb 3ozs. This was Steve’s first ever match win, so well done to him. Willy Ramthor had a nice chub of 3lb 13oz in his 2nd place weight and Tony Williams was third with 3lb 12ozs.

1 S.Evans 4-3-0

2 W.Ramthor 3-14-0

3 T.Williams 3-12-0

4 A.Fox 3-9-0

5 P.Helbig 3-4-0

6 G.Smith 2-12-0

7 P.Rawlings 2-8-0

8 T.Smith 1-13-0

9 T.Lincoln 1-7-0

10 M.Adams 1-5-0

11 A.Sims 1-4-0


2nd OCTOBER 2016 

Fryerning fishery is a carp syndicate water located near Ingatestone in Essex. The club were invited to have a match here with the intention of catching some of the numerous silver fish. On the day it was a match of two halves, those lucky enough to be drawn in the deeper water enjoyed an excellent days sport catching quality roach, whilst those in the shallows found the going much harder as they struggled to put a few fish in the net. Top weight on the day went to Peter Green with an excellent catch of 32lb 10ozs, Stuart Curtis had 21lb 12ozs for second and Willy Ramthor was third with 15lb 14ozs. Best fish of the day was a roach of 2lbs caught by Doug Clark.

1 P.Green 32-10-0

2 S.Curtis 21-12-0

3 W.Ramthor 15-14-0

3 P.Rawlings 11-13-0

5 D.Clark 6-13-0

6 A.Sims 4-5-0

7 B.Walmsley 3-4-0

8 M.Adams 2-1-0

9 K.Farrell 1-10-0

10 T.Parker 1-8-0

11 T.Williams 0-10-0

12 T.Golding DNW

Specimen Fish

D.Clark: Roach 2lb 0ozs

Norfolk Weekend

For our annual weekend trip to Norfolk we fished the rivers Bure & Thurne. On the Saturday we fished the St Benets stretch of the River Bure, this is a tidal venue which meant we fished a rising river most of the day and the run off late in the afternoon. There were good bags of roach, skimmers and perch caught throughout the stretch, although a lot of them were on the small side. Despite this we still averaged over 12lbs per man.  


On Sunday we fished the nearby Cold Harbour stretch of the River Thurne. This is also tidal and we had a rising river to fish virtually all day with it turning as we were about to pack up. Although not as prolific as St Benets, we still caught plenty of fish, averaging over 8lbs per man. All told everyone seemed to have an enjoyable weekend with good company and good fishing.



17th SEPT 2016 

1 M.Adams 20-3-0

2 S.Cable 16-7-0

3 A.Ingram 14-2-0

4 P.Jordan 13-0-0

5 D.Clark 12-6-0

6 W.Ramthor 12-3-0

7= B.Fox 11-12-0

7= P.Green 11-12-0

9 S.Curtis 11-3-0

10 G.Cable 10-4-0

11 C.Beaumont 10-2-0

12 P.Rawlings 8-10-0

13 G.Smith 6-3-0



18th SEPT 16 

1 M.Adams 16-8-0

2 S.Curtis 12-14-0

3 A.Ingram 11-8-0

4 G.Cable 10-6-0

5 B.Fox 8-2-0

6 W.Ramthor 6-9-0

7 C.Beaumont 6-2-0

8 P.Rawlings 5-4-0

9 D.Clark 4-12-0

10 G.Smith 3-11-0

Triple Cup

Fennes Fishery 11 September 2016

The Triple Cup is an annually held 15 a side competition between Abbey Cross, Bishop’s Stortford & Sawbridgeworth. This year’s match was held at Fennes Fishery near Braintree. Talking to a number of long standing Abbey Cross members it appears that we had never previously won this competition. Well, things have now changed, all of our team did exceptionally well on the day, with us not only winning the team event but also providing the 1st & 2nd individuals and winning 2 out of the 3 sections. Well done to all those who took part.


1 Abbey Cross AS 66 points

2 Bishops Stortford 67 points

3 Sawbridgeworth AS 105 points


1st     T.Smith       Abbey Cross 38-3-0

2nd  G.Cable        Abbey Cross 28-4-0

    3rd C.Gibbons        Sawbridgeworth 26-6-0

Section A: A.Fox      Abbey Cross 23-7-0

Section B: B.Cracknel    Bishops Stortford 15-1-0

Section C: B.Walmsley    Abbey Cross 22-9-0



Malcolm Barker 7 September 2016


Our September midweek match against Bishops Stortford was held on their Malcolm Barker lake. Although this venue is adjacent to our Taylor’s venue, it’s a water that many of our team had not fished before. It proved to be quite a difficult day for most, but Bishops Stortford’s local knowledge shone through and they turned out winners with 112 points to our 98. However,  we did have the top individual with Tony Parker weighing in 6lb 12ozs.

Abbey Cross

A.Fox 3-3-0

N.Farrell 0-11-0

G.Smith 0-14-0

P.Rawlings 1-12-0

M.Adams 3-13-0

A.Sims 3-2-0

P.Sales 1-10-0

P.Green 0-12-0

T.Parker 6-12-0

B.Walmsley 0-1-0



Points - 98 

Weight 22-10-0

Bishop's Stortford

T.Moranda 0-3-0

P.Whitmill 6-0-0

T.Bullock 1-2-0

D.Fuller 1-14-0

J.Pearson 4-9-0

T.Tucker 4-0-0

J.Pretious 4-7-0

F.Hunt 0-4-0

D.Copping 0-2-0

R.Gibson 3-11-0



Points - 112

Weight 26-4-0

Team Result

1 Bishop's Stortford 112

2 Abbey Cross 98

Individual Result

1st T.Parker  Abbey Cross

2nd P.Whitmill  Bishops Stortford

3rd J.Pearson  Bishops Stortford

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