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          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB


  Memorial Match Taylor's Lake

26th August 2017

This was our inaugural Memorial Match which is to be held annually in honour of club members who are no longer with us. The match was held on the Top Lake at Taylor’s followed by a buffet at the nearby Coach & Horses. Turnout was very good with 19 fishing the match and 27 attending the buffet. It was good to have Maz Smith, who came along with her two daughters, in attendance as guest of honour.  Fishing wise Taylor’s fished pretty well with decent weights of F1’s and tench coming from all round the lake. Results wise it was a close finish for the top weights with Alan Fox in 1st place weighing in 36lbs 14ozs, Alan sims was 2nd with 32lbs 12ozs and Steve Cable 3rd with 31lbs 15ozs.

A.Fox 36-14-0

A.Sims 32-12-0

S.Cable 31-15-0

M.Adams 29-5-0

R.Young 28-7-0

G.Cable 25-8-0

S.Rogers 19-5-0

K.Farrell 18-5-0

L. Hills-Garner 12-11-0

W.Ramthor 10-10-0

B.Fox 9-11-0

B.Walmsley 9-4-0

M. Hills-Garner 6-0-0

D.Clark 4-13-0

C.Beaumont 4-7-0

P.Jordan 3-6-0

J.Smith 2-0-0

P.Sales DNW

N.Farrell DNW


20th AUGUST 2017 

Our Hunter’s Hall lake was the venue for this year’s Fishpools Trophy. The lake had been fishing extremely well the previous week with good bags of roach and bream being caught by club members. However, as often seems to be the case with this lake with more people on the bank and under match conditions things became a lot harder. Most of the top weights came from the deeper dam end of the lake, although it was a close run affair for top spot with less than 1lb between the top four anglers. Ricky Young gained 1st place with 14lbs, Bob Walmsley was 2nd with 13lbs 15ozs and I was 3rd with 13lbs 7ozs.


R.Young 14-0-0

B.Walmsley 13-15-0

M.Adams 13-7-0

K.Farrell 13-1-0

T.Smith 8-4-0

S.Evans 7-14-0

T.Parker 5-12-0

A.Sims 5-1-0

A.Fox 2-14-0

P.Barker 2-12-0

P.Sales 1-6-0




Arthur Tully Trophy

Taylor's Lake 6th August 2017

There were good weights from all round the Top Lake at Taylor’s for the Arthur Tully Trophy. Kenny Farrell continued his recent good run weighing in 43lbs 14ozs for 1st place on the day. From then on it was a close run thing  for the minor places, with just over 1lb separating the next three anglers. Tony Smith managed 2nd with 34lbs 6ozs, Alan Fox 3rd with 32lbs 2ozs and Peter Green 4th with 33lbs 1oz. Most of the weights were made up of F1’s, although there was also a good number of tench caught.

K.Farrell 43-14-0

T.Smith 34-6-0

A.Fox 34-2-0

P.Green 33-1-0

R.Young 22-5-0

S.Evans 19-1-0

N.Farrell 16-14-0

B.Walmsley 16-3-0

A.Ingram 15-5-0

B.Fox 15-4-0

M.Adams 14-14-0

A.Sims 13-2-0

D.Clark 10-15-0

W.Ramthor DNW


Hunter's Hall 2nd August 2017

Hunter’s Hall was the venue for August’s inter club match with Bishops Stortford. The day started off in the dry, but by half way the predicted rain arrived resulting in a rather wet afternoon. For the second match running on this venue the top weight came from the dam wall, although there were reasonable catches spread around the rest of the lake. Team wise ACAS came out on top with 76 points to Bishops Stortford’s 59. Individually Stortford’s  Phil Whitmill  had top weight with 21lbs, I was 2nd with 13lbs 15ozs and Jeff Pearson 3rd with 13lbs.

M.Adams 13-15-0

A.Sims 10-12-0

P.Green 6-10-0

T.Parker 5-14-0

K.Farrell 2-9-0

B.Walmsley 7-4-0

P.Sales 3-14-0

B.Cornell 0-14-0


Weight 51-12-0

Points 76

J.Pretious 4-5-08

J.Pearson 13-0-014

T.Moranda 1-15-04

P.Whitmill 21-0-016

T.Bullough 3-9-06

D.Fuller 4-13-09

D.Copin 0-6-02

F.Hunt DNW


Weight 49-0-0

Points 59




23rd JULY 2017 

The Car Park Lake at Nazeing was the venue for this match with two trophies up for grabs, one for the highest weight and one for the biggest carp.  Conditions on the day were quite pleasant with high cloud and a light breeze, so a good days sport was hoped for. However,  the resident carp had other ideas and apart from in a few noted swims fish were hard to come by. Top weight went to Peter Green with  108lb 14ozs, 2nd was Ricky Young with 88lbs 14ozs and I was 3rd with 72lbs 1oz. Biggest carp recorded were two fish of 15lbs 9ozs, one by Alan Fox and one by Ricky Young.

P.Green 108-14-0

R.Young 88-14-0

M.Adams 72-1-0

A.Fox 43-14-0

J.Venis 30-3-0

K.Farrell 28-5-0

B.Walmsley 19-1-0

T.Parker 14-12-0

A.Sims 10-13-0

S.Holland DNW

S.Curtis DNW


Wrotham Park 19th July 2017

This was the away leg of our annual match against METVETS fished on their Wrotham Park lake. The lake is a very shallow estate lake and the weights are normally dominated by carp. As has happened on recent visits those drawn on the favoured far end pegs have a good days sport, however for the rest of the field it can be hard going to put a few fish in the net. On the day it was a very close run affair with both teams ending up with 68 points and the result being declared an honourable draw. Individually I was 2nd with 62lbs 6ozs and Ken Farrell  4th with 59lbs 11ozs.


Martin Adams 62-6-0

Ken Farrell 59-11-0

Alan Sims 26-3-0

Bob Walmsley 22-10-0

Pat Rawlings 18-5-0

Tony Parker 15-4-0

Alan Fox 13-9-0

Peter Green 13-0-0

Doug Clark 10-0-0

Paul Sales 9-0-0

Total Points - 68


Martin Barsby 66-6-0

Keith Lucas 59-12-0

Malcolm Briggs 39-0-0

Peter Fish 29-12-0

Doug Carter 26-0-0

Kurt 12-7-0

Barry Coleman 9-10-0

Alf Satchell 6-10-0

Total Points 68

BBQ Match Pairs & Lil' Williams Trophy

Taylor's 15th July 2017 


For this year’s BBQ match we had another excellent turnout with 21 pairs and 15 individuals fishing, leading to a total of over 80 attending in the evening. As we did the draw for pegs it started to rain, but this soon cleared away and lead to a dry afternoon and evening. The Top Lake fished quite well, however for the individual event Car Park Lake was a lot tougher. A total of nearly  250lbs of fish were weighed in which is pretty good given the number of people packed in around the lakes. The pairs event was won by Terri & Martin Adams, with Tony Parker winning the individual. The food and drink was as excellent as ever and everyone seemed to have a good time.  A big thank you to all those who worked behind the scenes to make the event such a success.

1 Terri & Martin Adams 38-5-0

2 Sue Ramthor & Bob Fox 31-12-0

3 Nicki & Ricky Young 15-11-0

4 Courtney & Steve Cable 15-10-0

5 Maureen & Colin Garner 13-7-0

6 Sarah & Tom Jordan 12-11-0

7 Terri & Bill Beaumont 11-14-0

8= Jenny & Paul Helbig 10-5-0

8= Layla & Tony Chillingworth 10-5-0

10 Ella  &  Bob Walmsley 10-2-0

11 Jean & Peter Green 9-14-0

12 Dot & Alan Prosser 8-4-0

13 Mark & Kelly Ramthor 4-14-0

14 Sharon & Mark Bunce 4-6-0

15 Pauline & Alan Sims 4-0-0

16 Jade & Mark Smith 3-11-0

17 Mandy & Nigel Beaumont 3-0-0

18 Helen &   Jo   (Smith) 2-6-0

19 Laura  &  Emma   (Smith) 1-5-0

20 Shane & Steve Miles 0-6-0

21 Sharon & Karl Ross 0-3-0






Burrough's Cup Taylor's

9th July 2017

The ever reliable Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for this year’s Borough’s Cup. The resident F1’s were in a feeding mood and there were good weights from all around the lake. A total of over 257lbs was weighed in by those taking part, almost 20lbs per man. Kenny Farrell had his 2nd win in recent weeks weighing in 35lbs 10ozs, Nick Farrell kept it in the family with a close run 2nd place weighing in 34lbs 4ozs and Peter Green was 3rd with 29lbs 14ozs.

1 K.Farrell 35-10-0

2 N.Farrell 34-4-0

3 P.Green 29-14-0

4 M.Adams 25-15-0

5 P.Rawlings 21-3-0

6 P.Sales 21-1-0

7 A.Sims 18-12-0

8 P.Helbig 17-12-0

9 T.Smith 17-11-0

10 W.Ramthor 15-2-0

11 S.Evans 12-5-0

12 A.Fox 8-6-0

13 S.Curtis DNW

ACAS v BSDAS Beggars Hall

5th July 2017 

Our latest inter club match with Bishops Stortford was fished on their Beggars Hall lake. Again it was quite a difficult day for many compared to how the water normally fishes at his time of year and also not helped by the lake being very weedy. The harder conditions suited Abbey Cross well as we turned out comfortable winners on the day scoring 97 points to Bishops Stortford’s 74. This results makes up for them beating us at Nazeing last month. Individually we had Alan Fox in 2nd place with 32lbs 7ozs and Pat Rawlings 3rd with 27lbs 15ozs.


M.Adams 13-12-0

A.Fox 32-7-0

A.Sims 22-2-0

P.Green 23-6-0

P.Rawlings 27-15-0

T.Parker 23-3-0

K.Farrell 17-1-0

B.Walmsley 5-7-0

D.Clark 10-4-0


Weight 117-15-0

Points 97


T.Moranda 45-13-0

P.Whitmill 11-6-0

J.Pearson 12-5-0

T.Tucker 23-15-0

J.Pretious 1-1-0

F.Hunt 20-10-0

D.Copping 17-12-0

B.Cornell 0-4-0

R.Gibson 9-12-0


Weight 142-4-0

Points 74

Hunter's Hall Proudlove Cup

2nd July 2017

Hunter’s Hall was the venue for this club match. Expectations were high for a good day as the lake had been fishing well recently. However, as often seems to happen at Hunter’s it underperformed under match conditions. With the exception of Kenny Farrell who had a nice weight of bream on the feeder it was a case of catching the odd skimmer roach and rudd. Ken’s winning weight was 33lbs 13ozs, I was 2nd with 9lbs 1oz and Stuart Curtis 3rd with 7lb 4ozs.

1 K.Farrell 33-13-0

2 M.Adams 9-1-0

3 S.Curtis 7-4-0

4 W.Ramthor 4-14-0

5 P.Rawlings 4-3-0

6 R.Young 4-1-0

7 N.Farrell 3-13-0

8 A.Sims 3-3-0

9 A.Fox 2-4-0

10 P.Sales 1-3-0

11 B.Walmsley 0-13-0

Night Match

Taylor's Car Park Lake


1 A.Fox 53-7-0

2 B.Fox 44-12-0

3 C.Banks DNW

Total 98-5-0


Paul Sales Trophy & Tench Cup

18th June 2017

The Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for our latest club match. However, with sky high temperatures and a 2pm start it was always going to be a difficult day.  Weights were well down on what we would normally expect from this lake, with Stuart Curtis coming out on top with 16lb 13ozs, Alan Fox was second with 14lbs 9ozs and Kenny Farrell third with 14lbs 5ozs. Alan Fox was the winner of the Tench Cup with a fish of 1lb 8ozs.

1 S.Curtis 16-3-0

2 A.Fox 14-9-0

3 K.Farrell 14-5-0

4 B.Walmsley 6-3-0

5 A.Sims 4-15-0

6 M.Adams 2-7-0

7 P.Sales 2-4-0

Rib Valley Teams of Six

14th June 2017

This annual competition is organised by Rib Valley Angling and is fished on two of their lakes at Westmill. The event is contested by seven teams of six. On the day Abbey Cross put in an excellent team performance, with two section wins, two 2nd places and two 3rd places.. This gave us a total of 12 points well clear of the 2nd place team on 21.5 points. Our team consisted of Alan Sims, Alan Fox, Pat Rawlins, Kenny Farrell, Peter Green & Martin Adams. In Kenny Farrell we also had the top individual on the day who had a weight of 42lbs 8ozs. This is the first time Abbey Cross has won this event which is run in aid of Isabel Hospice.

1 M.Adams 2 points

2 P.Rawlins 2 poits

3 K.Farrell 1 point

4 P.Green 1 point

5 A.Fox 3 points

6 A.Sims 3 points

Team Result

1st Abbey Cross 12

2nd Rib Valley 21.5

3rd Bishops Stortford 24

4th Letchworth 25

5th Over The Hill 27

6th Kings Arms 28.5

7th Ware 30

Individual Result

1st K.Farrell 42-8-0


Nazeing 7th June 2017

Following on from its reopening our inter club match was fished on the Car Park Lake at Nazeing. Heavy rain leading up to the match and very strong winds on the day led to a difficult day for both teams. Seven of the eighteen taking part failed to catch, with the best weights coming from the more sheltered west bank of the lake. Team wise Bishops Stortford turned out easy winners with 79 points to our 42, the first time they have beaten us on this venue. They also had top two individuals with John Pretious weighing in 39lbs and  Phil Whitmill close on his heels with 38lb 1oz.

M.Adams 20-11-0


P.Green 4-15-0

P.Rawlings DNW

K.Farrell DNW

B.Walmsley 18-7-0

A.Sims 6-15-0

P.Sales DNW


Weight 51-0-0

Points 42

B.Cornell 11-2-0

T.Moranda 14-2-0

P.Whitmill 38-1-0

F.Hunt DNW

D.Fuller DNW

J.Pearson 7-7-0

T.Tucker 4-14-0

J.Pretious 39-0-0

D.Copping DNW

R.Gibson 12-2-0


Weight 127-12-0

Points 79

Carrington Cup

Taylors Car Park Lake

4th June 2017


With Nazeing being closed due to the carp spawning there was a late change of venue for this match. The Car Park Lake at Taylor’s was our chosen alternative as the venue had been fishing well over recent weeks. It turned out to be quite a difficult day for most of those taking part with bites hard to come by, although it was good to see quite a few of the recently stocked quality roach being caught. I had top weight with 22lb 14ozs, Will Ramthor was 2nd with 12lbs 1oz and Alan Fox 3rd with 10lbs 12ozs. 

1 M.Adams 22-14-0

2 W.Ramthor 12-1-0

3 A.Fox 10-12-0

4 P.Rawlings 9-4-0

5 K.Farrell 7-9-0

6 P.Green 3-6-0

7 D.Clark 2-4-0

8 P.Sales DNW

9 T.Jordan DNW

10 A.Sims DNW

11 B.Fox DNW

12 M.Fox DNW

Clavering Match Lake

20th May 2017 

A.Sims 77-11-0

P.Green 65-7-0

A.Fox 60-0-0

T.Smith 59-3-0

B.Walmsley 43-15-0

A.Ingram 39-0-0

P.Rawlings 30-10-0

B.Fox 29-12-0

W.Ramthor 24-7-0

D.Clark 11-11-0




Carpenters Lake

6th May 2017

This was our first visit to this small commercial fishery which is located near the village of Gamlingay. This is a very shallow lake and this has been exacerbated by the recent lack of rain, most of struggled to find anything more than 18 inches of water anywhere in our swims. Considering the conditions there were a few good weights, although the majority of us struggled to catch just a few fish. Top on the day was Tony Smith with 48lbs of mostly carp, Chris West was 2nd with 27lb 2oz and Bob Fox 3rd with 21lbs 1oz.

T.Smith 48-0-0

B.Fox 27-2-0

C.West 21-1-0

M.Adams 16-5-0

W.Ramthor 13-9-0

P.Rawlings 11-0-0

B.Walmsley 7-14-0

A.Fox 7-10-0

D.Clark 4-2-0

K.Farrell DNW


Hall Farm - 3rd May 2017

Bishop Stortford’s Hall Farm lake was the venue for our latest interclub match. The lake had been fishing well in recent weeks, but with cold overnight temperatures and a stiff north easterly breeze the fishing was always going to be challenging. Team wise on the day Bishop’s Stortford’s local knowledge came to the fore and they were comfortable winners with 77 points to our 59. However, we did have the consolation of having the top two individual weights, with Peter Green coming 1st with  38lb 3ox and I was 2nd with 27lb 13ozs

M.Adams 27-13-0

A.Sims 7-5-0

A.Fox 16-9-0

P.Green 38-3-0

T.Parker 6-0-0

B.Walmsley 11-7-0

P.Rawlings 7-2-0

K.Farrell 11-11-0


Weight 126-2-0

 Points 59

T.Moranda 11-6-0

P.Whitmill 13-2-0

T.Bullock 18-10-0

D.Fuller 18-6-0

J.Pretious 24-5-0

D.Copping 8-1-0

R.Gibson 22-10-0

J.Todd 16-15-0


Weight 133-7-0

Points 77

1 Bishops Stortford 133-7-0

2 Abbey Cross 126-2-0

Individual Result

1st P.Green 38-3-0

2nd M.Adams 27-13-0

3rd J.Pretious 24-5-0

4th R.Gibson 22-10-0

5th T.Bullock 18-10-0



Home Farm

22 April 2017

For our latest club match we visited Home Farm fishery near Little Walden. This is a prolific water where large bags of small to medium sized carp can be expected. On the day the venue fully lived up to its reputation with the 14 anglers taking part weighing in a total 881lbs. Chris West had an excellent top weight of 226lbs 5ozs, including a carp of 13lb 2ozs. Bob Fox was 2nd with 136lb 5ozs and I was 3rd with 107lbs 2ozs.

1 C.West 226-5-0

2 B.Fox 136-5-0

3 M.Adams 107-2-0

4 K.Farrell 97-13-0

5 P.Green 90-14-0

6 T.Smith 60-5-0

7 B.Walmsley 37-15-0

8 P.Rawlings 32-11-0

9 T.Parker 28-7-0

10 S.Evans 26-12-0

11A.Fox 22-5-0

12 D.Clark 14-10-0

13 W.Ramthor DNW

14 A.Ingram DNW

Fennes Fishery

8th April 2017

We fished the first of our early season matches at Fennes Fishery on their Ash Grounds Lake. Turnout was good with 16 club members taking part. Conditions on the day were quite warm for the time of year, with a light south westerly breeze. Although weights were quite patchy, most of those taking part caught a mixture of decent skimmer bream and F1’s. Top weight went to Peter Green who weighed in 36lbs 5ozs, 2nd was Chris West with 30lb 13ozs, just beating Bob Walmsley who had 30lbs 8ozs for third.

1st P.Green 36-5-0

2nd C.West 30-13-0

3rd B.Walmsley 30-8-0

4th K.Farrell 23-13-0

5th T.Smith 22-5-0

6th M.Adams 17-8-0

7th T.Parker 14-1-0

8th P.Rawlings 13-10-0

 9th A.Sims 10-15-0

10th C.Beaumont 10-0-0

 11th B.Fox 7-8-0

12th G.Cable 6-9-0

13th S.Evans 24-9-0

 14th A.Fox 3-10-0

15th D.Clark 2-1-0

16th W.Ramthor DNW


Taylor's Lake - 5th April 2017

Our latest inter club match was fished on the top lake at Taylor’s. With an excellent turnout of 22 angler’s, virtually all of the fishable pegs on the lake had to be used. Despite the number fishing the lake fished well, with a total of over 380lbs being weighed in. Team wise Abbey Cross came out on top with 138 points to Bishop Stortford’s 115. We also had the top individual weight, with Tony Smith weighing in a mixed bag of F1’s and tench for 42lbs 14ozs.

M.Adams 11-11-0

P.Green 14-0-0

A.Sims 15-15-0

A.Fox 12-6-0

K.Farrell 22-1-0

S.Evans 13-15-0

B.Fox 13-2-0

P.Rawlings 12-0-0

T.Smith 42-14-0

D.Clark 22-4-0

B.Cornell 16-2-0


Weight 195-11-0

Points 138

T.Moranda 14-10-0

F.Hunt 11-4-0

J.Pretious 29-4-0

P.Whitmill 12-5-0

D.Fuller 28-6-0

J.Todd 3-7-0

R.Gibson 2-12-0

J.Pearson 5-4-0

T.Tucker 27-3-0

D.Copping 11-12-0

S.Foster 41-10-0


Weight 187-13-0

Points 115

Team Results

1 Abbey Cross 195-11-0

2 Bishops Stortford 187-13-0

Individual Results

1s tT.Smith

2nd S.Foster

3rd J.Pretious

4th D.Fuller

5th T.Tucker

6th D.Clark




1st M.Adams 483

2nd A.Fox 463

3rd P.Green 426

4th A.Sims 388

5th G.Smith 369

6th P.Rawlings 342

7th S.Curtis 284

8th K.Farrell 230

9th W.Ramthor 209

10th S.Evans 154

11th B.Walmsley 149

12th D.Clark 144

13th T.Smith 139

14th T.Parker 136

15th P.Sales 96

16th= P.Helbig 93

16th= N.Farrell 93

18th T.Lincoln 89

19th T.Williams 88

20th R.Young 70

21st B.Fox 63

22nd P.Jordan 50

23rd S.Holland 48

24th G.Cable 46

25th C.Beaumont 38

26th A.Ingram 10

27th C.West 10

28th P.Barker 10






1st M.Adams 392

2nd P.Green 391

3rd A.Sims 299

4th A.Fox 291

5th G.Smith 284

6th P.Rawlings 203

7th S.Curtis 196

8th B.Walmsley 195

9th W.Ramthor 193

10th T.Parker 190

11th K.Farrell 189

12th S.Holland 98

13th D.Clark 96

14th= P.Sales 94

14th= N.Farrell94

16th T.Williams 90

17th P.Helbig 10

18th A.Ingram 10

19th P.Barker 10



Officer's Cup Taylor's Top Lake

5th March 2017

The Officer’s Cup had originally been planned to be fished on the club stretch of the Kennet & Avon canal. However, feedback suggesting the venue was fishing badly led to a venue change to the Top Lake at Taylor’s. On the day the forecast of wet and windy weather probably put a few people off attending. Though, those who braved the conditions had a good days sport with over 240lbs of fish weighed in. Ricky Young had top weight with 54lbs, Peter Green was 2nd with 46lb 1oz & Tony Smith third with 37lbs 7ozs, Peter also won Officer’s Cup.

1 R.Young 54-0-0

2 P.Green 46-1-0

3 T.Smith 37-7-0

4 M.Adams 36-7-0

5 A.Fox 28-8-0

6 S.Evans 20-4-0

7 A.Sims 19-7-0

8 N.Farrell DNW

Officer's Cup Winner


ACAS v BSDAS Beggar's Hall

1st March 2017

Our latest match against Bishops Stortford was held on their Beggar’s Hall Lake. Although there was a couple decent carp weights caught from the favoured areas, for the majority it was down to struggling to get a few bites.  On the day Abbey Cross managed to scratch out the odd fish a lot better than the opposition and ended up easy winners with 102 points to Bishops Stortford’s 67.


A.Fox 9-0-0

K.Farrell 15-0-0

A.Sims 3-6-0

S.Evans 3-4-0

P.Green 4-5-0

T.Parker 8-11-0

M.Adams 0-2-0

P.Whitmill 21-9-0

B.Cornell DNW


Weigh 65-9-0

Points 102


J.Todd 0-1-0

R.Gibson 5-9-0

T.Tucker 16-9-0

T.Moranda 20-2-0

D.Fuller 5-8-0

T.Read DNW

D.Coping DNW

S.Foster DNW

F.Hunt DNW

J.Pearson DNW


Weight 47-13-0

Points 67

Team Result

1 Abbey Cross 65-9-0

2 Bishops Stortford 47-13-0

Individual Result

1st P.Whitmill 21-9-0

2nd T.Moranda 20-2-0

3rd T.Tucker 16-9-0

4th K.Farrell 15-0-0

5th A.Fox 9-0-0


Club Match Hunter's Hall

26th February 2017 

This was our first match at Hunter’s Hall since the recent restocking. We always seem to get a good turnout here and this match was no exception, with 12 of us braving the windy and cool conditions. Although the lake didn’t fish brilliantly it was nice to see some of the new bream and skimmers being caught, hopefully this is a good sign for the future. The match itself was a close run affair with just a few ounces separating the top three anglers. I was fortunate to get a narrow win with 10lb 14ozs, Steve Evans was 2nd with 10lb 9ozs and Tony Smith 3rd with 10lb 2ozs.


1 M.Adams 10-14-0

2 S.Evans 10-9-0

3 T.Smith 10-2-0

4 W.Ramthor 4-5-0

5 T.Parker 3-10-0

6 A.Fox 3-2-0

7 S.Curtis 1-9-0

8 P.Rawlings 1-8-0

9 A.Sims DNW

10 B.Fox DNW

11 R.Young DNW

12 D.Clark DNW




Fred Sandland Cup

R.Stort Backstream 8th January 2017 


This was our first visit to the River Stort Backwater owned by the Bishops Stortford club. The stretch runs just behind our lakes at Taylor’s and has 18 pegs most having boats moored along the far bank. Like most of our local rivers at the moment the backstream was suffering from a distinct lack of flow, despite this everyone caught a fair few fish. Top weight on the day was Ricky Young with a weight of 4lbs 1oz, Stuart Curtis was 2nd with 3lb 12oz and I was 3rd with 3lb 11oz including a nice perch of 2lb 3oz.


1 R.Young 4-1-0

2 S.Curtis 3-12-0

3 M.Adams 3-11-0

4 T.Smith 2-8-0

5 W.Ramthor 2-2-0

6 G.Smith 2-0-0

7 B.Fox 1-13-0

8 C.West 1-5-0

9 A.Sims 1-2-0

10 A.Fox 0-10-0













River Stort at Taylors 6th December 2017

This month’s inter club match with Bishop’s Stortford match was fished on our club stretch of the River Stort at Taylor’s. Despite the weather conditions it fished quite well with three 9lb+ weights being recorded and with a total of over 50lbs being weighed in by the 15 anglers taking part. Team wise Abbey Cross came out on top with 64 points to Bishop’s Stortford’s 56. Individually, Paul Helbig of Abbey Cross was 2nd with 9lb 3ozs and Peter Green 3rd with 9lbs 1oz. Most of the weights were made up of roach, although there were also quite a few decent perch weighed in, the best being one of 1lb 12ozs.



A.Fox 2-9-0

P.Green 9-1-0

M.Adams 7-6-0

A.Sims 0-3-0

B.Walmsley 2-14-0

S.Evans DNW

P.Helbig 9-3-0

P.Rawlings 2-1-0


Weight 33-5-0

Points 64


T.Moranda 1-14-0

J.Pearson 3-1-0

J.Pretious 2-14-0

D.Copping 0-7-0

T.Tucker 0-1-0

F.Hunt 9-15-0

D.Clark 3-11-0


Weight 21-15-0

Points 56

Gaye Plate Xmas Match

Taylor's Lake 3rd December 2017


The Top Lake at Taylor’s was the venue for this year’s Xmas match. Conditions were far from ideal, with temperatures at near zero and a cold north westerly breeze. Unsurprisingly, the fishing was very tough for those taking part, although there were a few F1’s to be caught in a couple of favoured areas. In the end it was a close run affair for first place with Peter Green weighing in 13lbs 8ozs, just ahead of Stuart Curtis who had 13lbs 6ozs. Third place went to Pat Rawlings with 8lbs 8ozs, Pat also won the final of the Knockout Competition beating Martin Adams. In the evening we reconvened at the Galley Hall Hailey for the prize giving and traditional Xmas meal, where we all had a much nicer time than most of us had on the bank!


1 P.Green 13-8-0

2 S.Curtis 13-6-0

3 P.Rawlings 8-8-0

4 A.Fox 2-5-0

5 D.Clark 1-13-0

6 A.Sims 0-8-0

7 S.Evans 0-6-0

8 M.Adams 0-3-0

9 A.Chillingworth 0-2-0

10 G.Phillips DNW

11 P.Thrower DNW

12 T.Smith DNW

Pairs Match

Taylors Lake - 26 November 2017

This year the Random Pairs match was fished on the Top Lake at Taylor’s. Following a number of very cold days leading up to the match all expectations were that it was going to be a difficult day for  those taking part. The lake was quite clear, plus there was a very cold north westerly breeze blowing down towards the car park. Inevitably it was a very slow start with just a few small roach being caught, however as the day progressed those in the more sheltered pegs managed to get a few F1’s to feed. Top pair on the day were Martin Adams and Tony Parker who finished with 8 points, just ahead of Peter Green & Tony Smith with 9 points. Individually Peter Green was top with a very good weight on the day of 21lbs 6ozs.

1 P.Rawlings 5-6-0 & A.Sims 1-15-0

2 K.Farrell 6-12-0 & W.Ramthor 1-13-0

3 S.Evans 7-1-0 & A.Fox 1-9-0

4 B.Fox DNW & S.Curtis DNW

5 P.Helbig 1-6-0 & B.Walmsley 3-4-0

6 T.Smith 3-1-0 & P.Green 21-6-0

7M.Adams 12-5-0 & T.Parker 4-4-0

1st M Adams & T Parker

Weight 16-09-0

Points 8

2nd T Smith & P Green

Weight 24-7-0

Points 9



IPA Teams of Six

River Ivel 19 November 2017

On Sunday our Abbey Cross team were able to successfully defend the IPA Teams of Six Trophy that we won last year. The match was fished on stretches of the River Ivel in and around Sandy. Similar to last year a few favoured areas fished well , but for the majority of those taking part the fishing was hard going. The club had three section winners in Stuart Curtis (10lbs 10ozs), Paul Helbig (3lbs 10ozs)  and Martin Adams (1lb 4ozs). With the rest of the team providing good backup points the team managed another excellent winning performance. Well done to all those who took part.

1 Abbey Cross - 14 points

2 Letchworth GCAA - 10 points

3 Kings Arms AS - 9 points

John Duff Cup

Box End Farm - 5 November 2017


This match was fished on the club stretch of the river Ouse at Box End Farm. It had been rearranged from a month earlier due to the excessive weed growth in the river. On arrival we were greeted with a clear river and a strong downstream breeze, despite this there was a reasonable flow so we all hoped for a few fish. How wrong we were, the fishing was dire to say the least, with only two of us catch a few small fish and the rest of the guys blanking. I had top weight with 4ozs and Pat Rawlings was 2nd with 2ozs. Definitely a  day to forget!

M.Adams 0-4-0

P.Rawlings 0-2-0

A.Sims DNW


P.Green DNW

P.Helbig DNW

A.Ingram DNW

K.Farrell DNW


Beggars Hall

1st November 2017

Beggars Hall was the venue for this month’s inter club match with Bishops Stortford. This venue is dominated by carp and as on many venues at this time of year they are starting to shoal up in their favoured areas. This made it tough going for the majority of us who struggled for a few bites, whereas those drawn on fish had a good day. Team wise it was a very close run affair with both teams ending up on 86 points. Individually Peter Green had an excellent top weight of 52lbs 11ozs.



A. Fox 4-13-0

M. Adam s7-5-0

P. Rawlings 0-1-0

K. Farrell 19-1-0

B. Walmsley 0-6-0

P. Green 52-11-0

B. Cornell 14-1-0

A. Sims 9-6-0

P. Sales 13-12-0

ACAS Totals

Points 86

Weight 121-8-0

J. Pretious 21-7-0

D. Coppin 10-1-0

P. Whitmill 1-9-0

T. Moranda DNW

J. Todd 3-15-0

D. Fuller 2-10-0

F. Hunt 13-13-0

D. Tadgell 23-6-0

T. Tucker 29-4-0

BSDAS Totals

Points 86

Weight 106-1-0



This match was transferred to Hunter’s Hall due to the River Ivel not being available. The last match on this venue fished well with the newly stocked tench showing in numbers and hopes were high for a similar result this time. However, on the day a cold northerly wind made conditions difficult and although the winning weights were good  most of us struggled to catch any quality fish. 1st on the day was Stuart Curtis with a  good mixed bag of bream and tench weighing 34lbs 11ozs, Alan Sims was 2nd with 18lbs and Pat Rawlings 3rd with 15lbs 14ozs.

S.Curtis 34-11-0

A.Sims 18-0-0

P.Rawlings 15-14-0

M.Adams 6-14-0

K.Farrell 6-5-0

B.Walmsley 3-14-0

P.Green 2-2-0


T.Parker DNW


15th OCTOBER 2017

1 P.Rawlings 27-4-0

2 P.Green 20-15-0

3 K.Farrell 20-0-0

4 A.Fox 13-6-0

5 T.Parker 10-2-0

6 A.Sims 7-10-0

7 D.Clark 6-14-0

8 T.Smith 6-0-0

9 B.Walmsley 4-5-0

10 P.Sales DNW

11 P.Baker DNW

12 W.Ramthor DNW


11 OCTOBER 2017

A Fox 15-11-0

A Sims 11-3-0

P Green 9-9-0

P Sales 1-1-0

S Evans 6-14-0

D Clark DNW

T Parker 8-10-0

P Rawlings 27-2-0

B Walmsley 20-15-0

M Gill 11-1-0


Total Points 96

T Moranda 6-6-0

B Cornell 18-2-0

F Hunt 3-8-0

J Pearson 23-3-0

P Whitmill 19-4-0

T Tucker 4-1-0

J Pretious 20-0-0

D Copping 8-5-0

J Todd 20-0-0


Total Points 104

Individual Result

1 P Rawlings 27-2-0

2 J Pearson 23-3-0

3 B Walmsley 20-15-0

4 J Pretious 20-0-0

4 J Todd 20-0-0

5 J Whitmill 19-14-0



For our annual weekend trip to the Norfolk Broads we fished the River Bure at St Benets Abbey on the Saturday and the Coldharbour stretch of the River Thurne on the Sunday. On the Saturday morning the 15 of us we were met with clear skies and a forecast of a few scattered showers during the day.  However, by the time match started we had to endure continuous rain, some of it torrential and it was a good 4 hours later before it started to dry up. Despite this and with the tide running out for the whole match St Benets fished pretty well, with most people catching skimmers and roach on the pole, or feeder.  I had top weight with 24lbs 10ozs, Steve cable was 2nd with 19lbs 2ozs and Graham Cable 3rd with 14lbs 7ozs. At Coldharbour on the Sunday we were met with a cool north easterly breeze, but at least we had no rain. Fishing wise weights were well down on Saturday, probably due to the fact that there had been a match on this stretch the day before. Most of the weights were made up of roach, with a few skimmers boosting the better weights. 1st on the day was Steve Cable with 13lbs 1oz, Andy Ingram was 2nd with 9lbs 14ozs and Graham Cable was 3rd for the second day running with 9lbs 3ozs.


1 M.Adams 24-10-0

2 S.Cable 19-2-0

3 G.Cable 14-7-0

4 W.Ramthor 13-1-0

5 B.Fox 12-14-0

6 A.Ingram 12-10-0

7 S.Curtis 12-9-0

8 K.Farrell 12-2-0

9 P.Green 9-13-0

10 C.Beaumont 9-9-0

11 P.Rawlings 9-3-0

12 N.Beaumont 8-1-0

13 A.Sims 6-7-0

14 P.Jordan 6-2-0

15 D.Clark 4-7-0


17th SEPTEMBER 2017 

1 S.Cable 13-1-0

2 A.Ingram 9-14-0

3 G.Cable 9-3-0

4 B.Beaumont 8-9-0

5 K.Farrell 8-7-0

6 B.Fox 7-9-0

7 D.Clark 7-8-0

8 S.Curtis 7-1-0

9 M.Adams 5-12-0

10 C.Beaumont 4-3-0

11 W.Ramthor 3-13-0

12 P.Rawlings 3-2-0

13 N.Beaumont 1-15-0

14 A.Sims 1-10-0

Triple Cup Fennes Fishery

3rd September 2017

The Triple Cup is an annual 15 a side competition fished  between, Bishop’s Stortford, Sawbridgeworth & ourselves. The venue for this year’s match was Fennes Fishery, where ACAS achieved a successful 1st place last year. I am pleased to report that once again thanks to an impressive performance by our anglers, we attained 1st place in the team competition.  Individually, we had Pat Rawlings in 2nd place with a weight of 34lbs 14ozs and Stuart Curtis in 3rd place with 26lbs 3ozs.

Team Result

1st ABBEY CROSS   105



Individual Result

1st L.Fensom BISHOP'S STORTFORD 36-14-0 

2nd P.Rawlings ABBEY CROSS 34-15-0 

3rd S.Curtis ABBEY CROSS 26-3-0


Section A 1st D. Holdsworth BISHOP'S STORTFORD 22-4-0

Section A 2nd G.Cable ABBEY CROSS 17-11-0

Section B 1st M.Adams ABBEY CROSS 17-2-0

Section B 2nd M.Halverson BISHOP'S STORTFORD 16-10-0

Section C 1st C.Gibbons SAWBRIDGEWORTH 21-15-0

Section C 2nd J.Fensom BISHOP'S STORTFORD 15-13-0

ACAS v BSDAS Hall Farm

6th September 2017

This month’s inter club match with Bishops Stortford was held on their Hall Farm lake. This is normally a prolific fishery that produces good weights of carp, bream and F1’s at this time of year. However, things were a little different on this match with many of us struggling for a few decent fish.  Team wise it was a very close run affair, with Abbey Cross continuing their recent good run in team competitions, beating Bishops Stortford 89 points to 82. Individually we had Peter Green in 2nd place with 16lbs 4ozs and I was 3rd with 15lbs 4ozs.

Abbey Cross

P.Green 16-4-0

M.Adams 15-4-0

S.Evans 1-7-0

B.Cornell 2-7-0

A.Sims 14-4-0

P.Sales 2-12-0

B.Walmsley 13-6-0

P.Rawlings 5-13-0

A.Fox 4-14-0


Weight 76-7-0

Points 89


T.Tucker 0-0-8

J.Pretious 7-8-0

R.Gibson 4-6-0

F.Hunt 0-12-0

D.Coppin 8-3-0

J.Pearson 27-11-0

P.Whitmill 7-4-0

T.Moranda 7-11-0

J.Todd 8-10-0



Weight 72-1-0

Points 82





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