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          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB

Pairs Match and BBQ


The results of this years annual pairs match together with the ladies'  “Lil Williams Memorial Trophy” and singles match have been published. With over 50 anglers taking part in the three competitions in near enough perfect weather conditions all contributed to a very enjoyable day (and evening). It’s luck if the weather is fine and the rain keeps away but its hard work that goes on behind the scene that makes the difference. In addition to the anglers there are at least 30 guests plus kids tucking into the grub, thought I would enlighten you on the procedure.


First of all the two Alans in their weekly work party ensure that all the pathways are clear of any nettles so that our guest’s and kids can walk around the lakes. With over twenty pairs expecting to participate swims have to be opened up big enough to accommodate two anglers and of course weed and overhanging branches removed. Several of the guests commented on how well the lake was looked after.


The day of the BBQ starts for the “early crew” around about 8am when the gazebos are erected, this is by no means a simple task when the numbers are missing from the  poles and this year when the instructions got mislaid and mixed up, we have three large gazebos and two smaller one for the beer and one for the cooks. 















































Alan on management duties and supervising

The rest of the early team with the gazebo erected.

Couldn’t have a BBQ without a chef, we are lucky to have a couple, Jordy in the Red and Andy in the Blue, with a shy Linda and John (didn’t get a photo) helping out.  Jordy’s day didn’t start with just the cooking he also sourced out and purchased all the meat plus a barrel of beer and a special beer made by his local micro brewer.


Mustn’t forget to mention both Maz and Helen for all their hard work in providing a brilliant spread of salads and sweets to go with the chicken, burgers and bangers.  With as much as you can eat and drink at £12 a head, terrific value.

Getting ready for the all important draw

Guests enjoying the fruits of Jordy and Andy's labour.

The top five couples with the heaviest weights were rewarded with a couple of bottles of fine wine (boxed), bottle of bubble and a box of Belgium chocs.  The pair with the lowest recorded weight was presented not with a wooden spoon but a case of beer. The lucky winners also picked up cash from the pools.


The singles had to be satisfied with a share of the pools.


With the weather being kind the proceedings wound down around ten thirty and the final stragglers left soon after.



The same “early team” turned up in the morning and by ten all the tables had been washed down, gazebos dismantled and stored away, rubbish collected and burnt, bottles tins etc, bagged and ready for the local recycle site. Anyone turning up for a days fishing wouldn’t have a clue what the place looked like the day before.


Many thanks to those that organised and those that helped out for yet another brilliant pairs and BBQ match.


Any member wanting to come along next year is very welcome, check out the date and book your place.


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