Est 1946



          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB



Welcome to the home of Abbey Cross Angling Society Ltd. Established in 1946 the Society offers a variety of quality waters to whet the appetite of any angler, be they pleasure, match or specimen. A variety of venues on rivers, lakes and canal to cover all fishing needs. The website is designed to offer information to its members only, and members can direct any enquiries through the website.

Important Notices

Christmas dinner

This year's Christmas dinner will be at the Galley Hall pub on December 5th from 7.30pm.  Please book your place with Willy.  Cut off date for booking is this weekend (27/28 Nov) - 07860 284101

Coopers stocking

The club has stocked 25 carp between 10-12lbs in to Coopers lake from VS Fisheries. All fish were weighed and photographed.

Koi Herpes - please read

The club is aware of unconfirmed reports of Koi herpes being present at a lake in the Lea Valley.  Please ensure all nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats are completely dry where they have been used on other waters to prevent the spread of any infection.  

Box End Farm

When fishing at Box End the wooden five bar gate you have to go through to approach the river has a combination padlock.  The code is 1886 - this is not an ACAS padlock.  Please drive on the long grass and try to avoid the running track.

Guest Tickets

Current guest tickets will remain valid for the rest of 2021.