Est 1946



          HEADQUARTERS - Rosedale Sports Club , Andrews Lane , Cheshunt , Hertfordshire , EN7 6TB



Welcome to the home of Abbey Cross Angling Society Ltd. Established in 1946 the Society offers a variety of quality waters to whet the appetite of any angler, be they pleasure, match or specimen. A variety of venues on rivers, lakes and canal to cover all fishing needs. The website, which is in its infancy, is designed  to offer information to its members only, and members can direct any enquiries through the website.

Important Notices

Nazeing Carp Lake

The right hand lake at Nazeing will re-open on Monday 26th July. 


Coopers will re-open on Monday 26th July.  


Maintenance work will be taking place at Hunters Hall on 6 August.  The lake will be closed from 2pm - 6pm.

Weed cutting at Hunters will be on random days with no notice or lake closures. Thanks to Phil Buckingham who has  offered to do it and we are most thankful.


Due to our leader I cannot now provide the BBQ match on the 10th July as we can only have 30 people and I have near 70+ so I do not want to cancel it I have asked for it to be arranged for the 28th Aug same times also cost, on our club card we have a match on the 29th we are cancelling this and taking it back to the 21st Aug as we have a free weekend so you will not miss any fishing.


I would need to know if you can still make it or not so I can get my list together, I was thinking about topless waitresses and a naked male bartender to get you there BUT as i am the only person running this you do not want to see me topless or naked so maybe not.


Please remember the 28th will be a BANK holiday weekend so you will have two days to get over it.



Box End Farm

When fishing at Box End the wooden five bar gate you have to go through to approach the river has a combination padlock.  The code is 1886 - this is not an ACAS padlock.  Please drive on the long grass and try to avoid the running track.

Monthly meetings

Club meetings have now resumed.  

Covid Update


In accordance with current Government guidance our fisheries are open.  Please continue to comply with Government guidelines.  Details can be found on the Angling Trust website. 

Stay safe. ACAS

Guest Tickets

Current guest tickets will remain valid for the rest of 2021.

Match Fishing

Match fishing has now resumed.  Please see the fixtures tab for details of upcoming matches. 

Temporary rules - Covid-19

  • All government social distancing rules must be adhered to. Please do not go closer than two metres to another angler.

  • ALL anglers must carry disinfectant wipes and must clean the lock and any areas of the gates touched after use.

  • Fishing is only from designated swims only. No fishing in between swims.